Why did you have to ruin the anniversary

Most people i know that are upset are saving to afford it. But the best of them only made 2 million over the last year. So they’re going to come up short.

Pretty much - they just need more time. And now they worked for all that to have their goal removed out from under them.

I guess they have the gold… but they never wanted the gold. The wanted the mount and the convenience.

Now they’re forced into paying blizzard cash if they want to finish what they started.

Great business strategy on blizzard’s part. Most of these humans are too addicted to the game to ever quit. So why not keep milking them for all they can.


I feel like I must learn more about these frogs. Like battle pet frogs?


You answered your own question.

Can’t be having that now can we?

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Yeah we totally have known each other for over 14 years! Remember that one time i helped you kill that boar in vanilla, good times man!!


No the frog mounts from the cave near Krag’wa, the chonky boi loa.

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Oh, how jolly good for you.

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Not panicking or spending real money for this. I just won’t be getting it I guess.

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It looks stupid
I could buy it but I don’t want it.
Why did they have to make it so damn big.
I hate huge mounts
Imo it should have been a little caravan cart from the vulpera I probably would’ve gotten it then.

It’s funny, because I’m fairly certain I said to someone at some point that there will come a time when we can buy these things. In fact, at the rate they’re going, I fully expect Blizzard to allow us to buy gear for real money.

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Can pass me some gold pls

A Feat of Strength is merely an achievement that is no longer attainable. They used to be really big accomplishments but now it’s just the blanket for “No longer attainable.”

Also on that token, I wouldn’t consider getting legendaries a feat of strength by your logic because what’s hard about one shotting a boss weekly until he drops what you need?

Sad isn’t it? Gaming and merit vs shopping and money.

/10 char

I mean - at least they’re being consistent.

Should they have waited till 9.0 had a release date instead?

Isn’t a complaint on GD that Blizzard doesn’t give enough notice?


Think before posting.

I feel like the point was that this shouldn’t even be a thing to begin with.

People finding out during the anniversary just makes a dumb decision a bit more sour for some.

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Don’t blame Blizzard, it was the evil data miners.

Blizzard was not going to announce it at all!


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I wish more people understood this. Congratz on the brutos btw!

Tbf, they didn’t even announce it. Someone datamined it and they had to confirm. They probably weren’t even going to tell anyone it was being removed.

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Discovering it by a patch and then announcing it yeah I’m sure that didn’t help matters much.