Why did the beta

(Nummlock) #1

Just get an update?


Maybe because Blizz is pushing release back two weeks.


Internal testing? Or do they have a separate test realm? I seem to recall template bis characters being put onto beta recently.

(Pwnprone) #4

You didn’t get the email offering you early game access for a fee?


It’s open.


WoW Classic out Soon™


They made a blue post announcement today. Classic Beta is open again to those who had access, in order to test the bugs they fixed from the last beta. The characters were deleted, and new level 40 templates are being provided, as well as the cap being increased to 45.

(Mightylink) #8

They should of said that before the name reservation when everyone just resubbed…


There has been no announcement of the release date changing.


your pulling this out of thin air.


closed beta access till the 16th nothing special


It’s back up. What a nice surprise.



internal testing + a actual sense of care?


Plus release september 15