Why did blizzard never give shamans an actual taunt?

Just tanked RFD because we couldn’t find anyone, used rockbiter and earth shock, and since I had the ravager from SM armory with crusader it actually worked well, which got me to thinking, shamans are supposed to be the horde opposite of pallies, who can heal tank or dps. So why didn’t blizz give us an actual taunt, to go along with the increased threat abilities?

Was it a last minute choice to not add it, or were they going to and didn’t have time before release, then figured whatever we’ll just keep things the way they are. It seems like shamans were setup to be 3 role hybrids.


Pallies don’t have taunt in this version… and we wear plate… with a prot tree…


The enhance tree has like 3 different talents you can put points into to increase defensive stats. 5 into armor, 5 into dodge, and one to add parry chance. Hell, one to even increase block chance with a shield.


We have the highest single-target threat generation in the game. We don’t need a taunt.


I’m just sayin… We wear plate, with way more prot specific talents than sham counterpart, and yet we still don’t have taunt. If they could let that pass, probably someone wearing mail might not be the first on their list to give a taunt to.

With that said, I really don’t know what their intention was for Shaman tanking. I know they could sometimes be an off tank, but by no means would someone wearing mail, be an actual tank.


And despite all of that, your EH is still dramatically lower than all three of the Tanks. Don’t let it get to you, but Blizzard really sorta threw things together just… however… and some things scaled exceptionally well (Feral Bears) and some things not at all (Enhance “Tanks” and Feral Cats).

**if you don’t get resists

Earth Shock is fantastic threat generation and with Reverberation, having it every 5 seconds is amazing… buuuuuut you’re subject the Spell Cast Hit Table, not the Melee Hit Table, so it becomes a lot less reliable and takes your overall TPS down a notch.


You’re in luck! Here’s a video by Skarm, one of the top rated tanks in the world, discussing shaman tanks!


Raid bosses 2-shot us anyway, so we rarely have to deal with higher than 6-8% miss rate.


Ha! True enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe in your min max world. But In Reality there was some SHAMMIE tanks then and thier are some now. Are they the best choice no. But doable

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At level 40 with a sheild and full mail gear I had 49 percent dmg reduction, that’s with a talent build I tried out using the extra armor talents, and with totem that put me over 50 percent. Not sure how the gear scales at 60 but prior to 40 before wearing plate warriors had about that same damage reduction with mail and a sheild and tanked just fine, but they had a taunt/way to keep aggro from multiple mobs at once.


Because Ghostwalker hated hybrids.


Any healer of any actual quality that sees this sort of MP sponge nonsense coming will drop the group immediately.


I think part of the problem is our magma totem gets killed quickly when used. If it didn’t generate threat it would be like a pallies consecrcration and threat would be maintained throughout the fight.

Sure in your min max world. In lets try something new and test my healing skills for crazy fun its good.


You’re supposed to blame Tigole and Furor for Vanilla things :stuck_out_tongue:


Whichever one it was. You choose.

Wasting 4 other people’s time might be fun to you but that doesnt make it the correct thing to do. Get an actual tank and dont leech groups.


Sure in your and others min max little box world. Not a waste if it’s a group of people knowing what’s going on and want to have some fun.

  1. Threat obtaining is not a problem for Tank shamans.
  2. Having a Taunt will not fix Prot Paladin or “Prot” Shaman.
  3. The rivalry & the exclusivity of these classes died for balancing.
  4. I’m pretty sure they never wanted them to tank anyway.
  5. It’s also no longer a faction thing, so it’s easier to dumpster Shaman.

Oh and also… retail shaman bad