Why can't you block people on these forums, Blizzard?

Ok. I can see some benefit.

What? I am not following.

This feature only suppresses notifications.

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You can block people.

Go to your profile, go to preferences, then go to users. I have a handful of people on there, but I still see them so it doesn’t seem to work.

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The cost to do that would be absurd.



Yeah that only seems to suppress notifications about when people post. I can still see their posts. And while this thread was inspired by a certain tauren warrior troll, there is another certain undead rogue who makes 40 threads a day I wouldn’t mind completely blocking/ignoring (and not just turning off notifications when they post) I don’t wanna see anything they say because it’s basically spam at this point.

Well like Wild said, putting them on ignore hides all of their comments but not any new threads they make for some reason. It’s better than nothing, which is what we used to have.

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Yeah a block feature is needed , so many troll trying to stir up crap

Well depending on how they did it, it’s possible it might not but I doubt it. Past of it depends on how your “character sheet” is set up in the database. All of your quest history, achievements, gear, etc. is all on your character sheet. After so many years, it’s quite a bit of information.

Every time you see quest dialog with your name - the game is referencing a data base of which your name is one field. Adding a field and having quest dialog reference both fields would be involved.

A friend does backbone project management and oversaw the integration adding the +four to the zip code systems and making it a unified information source. Because the zip codes touch so many other systems, the project took over a year and cost a few million dollars.

Does that help?



Ok, to actually help the op, there’s two ways to put someone on ignore:

  1. Through their post history.
    a. Left click on their name above a post.
    b. Click on “View Activity”.
    c. Click on “Normal”.
    d. Select “Muted” or “Ignored”.
  2. Through your profile.
    a. Left-click on your portrait in the forums.
    b. Click on your name.
    c. Click on “Preferences”.
    d. Click on “Users”.
    e. Click on “Add…” if needed.
    f. Start typing the offender’s name into the box. It should pull up a list of suggestions with their realm and forum icon to help you select the correct person.

Unfortunately, if someone has their profile hidden, then you have to use the second method. Either way, you’re given the option to choose how long to mute/ignore the person for. Unfortunately, neither option will automatically hide any threads that person creates, but it will automatically hide their posts in a thread.

Mute: Suppress all notifications and PMs from these users.
Ignore: Suppress all posts, notifications, and PMs from these users.

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Uh… is it just me or did a bunch of comments just get purged?

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It’s not you.


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It’s naptime now.

Yes, at least three comments got nuked out of existence – One of the OP’s posts, and two of the troll’s that’s going after her.

EDIT: Actually, all of the troll’s posts (and any posts quoting his) got removed. That was fast.

I mean quests could just call you by your first name and then you could have a tag above your head with your full surname?

There are RP mods that do this already

If you’re going to delete probably half the comments in the thread why not just 404 the whole thing? This place makes no sense.

I don’t know. I’m not a forum mod. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Perhaps it’s for the OP’s benefit since the answer to their question is just a few posts up:

That I don’t know.

I also don’t know what level of immersion people would want with a last name (though I can only imagine the fun the RP police would have on some realms).


Yeah that’s exactly what I meant. Quests can still say “Hey Bob thanks for helping” But then above your head would be “Bob Smith” or whatever.

I completely understand if they disabled certain surnames like Fordragon or Blightcaller etc.

There was some helpful info about using the delete function and it’s not like the rest of the thread wasn’t CoC compliant.