Why can't I upgrade my gear?

On my alt, Threads of Fate.
I try to upgrade an honour piece. It costs 800 honour. I have 1000+ honour.
UI says requires Renown 7. I’m Renown 22.
What’s up?

Did you accept the quest at your covenant to take to the pvp guy in oribos to open the next tier of upgrading?

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hmmm, doubtful? I didn’t know that was a thing. I must have organically knocked out all those quests on my main without knowing.

Where would I find info on that quest??

I believe the anima npc in your sanctum has that quest.

I think I found it, Iona Skyblade this YT vid says.
Thanks guys, very helpful!
It’s too bad WoW breadcrumbs still aren’t able to be bypassed in 2021.