Why cant I list myself for Deadmines anymore? Did LFG tool get even worse?

Pretty much title. Previously I wasn’t able to even see dungeons as an option on the LFG tool until level 15 (a little late for RFC) at which point I could see Wailing Caverns, RFC and DM. But now at level 15 I can only see RFC…

Did they adjust the level ranges or am I just dumb and missing something? I’m open to it being the latter, but be gentle if so. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am pretty sure they have deadmines set to 16. It’s all based off the level you can use the stone


because 15 is too low to be in deadmines

That’s been changed since the pre-patch then because as of a week or so ago I could queue for it.

You may have out leveled it.

If you’re too high for a dungeon, then you can’t put your name in the hat for it.

If you go to the “Group Browser” tab though, you’ll be able to see all groups for all dungeons through the top right drop down menu.

It should allow for you to see who is looking for a group for it.

The issue is, you may have to run there on foot because the stone is also limited to specific level ranges for summons/usage.

For example, I am 53 on my horde priest but can see deadmines (and any other dungeon).


Im the same level, I havent played that character in a week. Logged out able to list for Deadmines and WC. Logged back in and can only queue for RFC

Please read passed the first sentence.

Same to you, lol. Like I said, I could list when I logged out. Now I cannot

It might be this. It was hotfixed last Friday.

Ah. Thank you. That would be it exactly

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You can sign up for MGT at 69, but can’t use the portal or the stone. Fortunately, the flight from Ironforge is very, very fast.

IMO, if you can sign up, you should be able to be summoned.

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…. I just told you how to list or at least look for a group.

That wasn’t my question. I already knew how to list or look for a group. My issue was that groups I was previously able to list for were no longer available. Further… you’re wrong… you can’t “see all” groups through the dungeon browser. Only groups your level or below… So regardless at level 15 there is absolutely no way for me to list or see Deadmines/WC groups anymore though there was before. Chickinnuggie linked why. You shared incorrect information that wasn’t helpful.

Thanks for trying I guess though?


More closely match? They can’t make them literally match? Kind of sad to be honest.

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