Why can't horde use the mercenary system to queue as alliance in bgs?

faction has been complete dogwater recently since it’s the weekend and all the house dads are on feeding their 5 kids complaining about their 50 hour per week jobs

just trying to gear my millionth alt bc there’s nothing else to do in this game

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They sometimes can, I think it’s just that it’s based on participation/population and you can only merc over to the less popular faction or something.

I’ll merc over to Horde for instant queue pops.

The real travesty is being unable to cross-faction random bgs. :dracthyr_cry_animated:


They need to just do this already.


Why this isnt a thing yet blows my mind. It really cant be all that hard

The fox is correct.

It’s 2023. Mixed-faction parties should at least be able to queue as the underpopulated faction for Random Battlegrounds.

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It’s wild that they specifically excluded cross faction random BG parties in the patch where they made almost everything else cross faction, despite the mercenary system having existed for years.

Then again, this is the company that won’t allow dragon players to dragonride without riding another dragon. Always taking the avoidable Ls.

Small indie company. It gets even more wild seeing how weird it is to invite your own cross faction character to a guild. We probably won’t get full cross faction until the next expansion or the middle of the next one

The fox is always correct, even if some do not agree (they are foolish).

He’s like the guard who always tells the truth.

(But then who tells all the lies?)

This is what I dont understand. SOMEHOW alliance lost enlistment bonus for bgs and insta queues, now horde has it but alliance has both “against overwhelmin odds” and 20% warmode bonus which means alliance are outnumbered, as usual.

How can alliance be outnumbered but somehow not have enlistment bonus? These 10 min queues are stupid give me back my instant queu

Horde has instant bg queues because they lose every game.


The fox is the liar, of course. I only tell the truth.

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