Why can't DK's be Allied Races


Spraken de English, comrade?

Didn’t say there was a need, only that it was the only issue which if you read my entire comment, you’d know.

Literally the general consensus on the subject


Nice insult. Getting desperate are we?

If you read carefully I gave you an answer why new lore cannot be made.

The tools and the creator of said tools IS DEAD and gone.

Racials are not spells that are summoned. It’s like an extension of your character.
Do you not understand basic english? Or has the western education fallen so low?

Edit: To clarify again, you said a “bit” of lore. And that’s what prompted my response. You need a “huge” amount of lore to justify allied races being dks.

Your adjective usage couldn’t have been worse.


Now you know how priests, mages, warriors, and hunters feel lol

(Dominiquê) #89

You weren’t even around when Death Knights started being a thing and yet they allowed both you and Goblins to be Death Knights. So by your logic you shouldn’t even be able to be a Death Knight.

(Æx) #90

I agree. I mean, there is still a Lich King. They have twisted lore in many horrible ways before to just say they can’t bring them back again because of “lore” reasons. (/staring at Void Elves)

But in all honesty, the obvious reason is the team is just not modifying old content unless they can make money out of it.

(Elylvannia) #91

Literally every enemy in the classic and further zones:
“Void Elf Monk! Meet your death!” Uh… How the heck are you aware of what I am? Void Elves and Monks weren’t a thing for you.
“Nightborne, I will get you!” I have been stuck in an bubble for thousands of years, how the hades do you know who I am?

Honestly I can imagine the reactions of Night Elves when Nightborne are killing them in the classic zones and Blood Elves to Void Elves, they be like “What? H-How? Why do you look like me but bow to Garrosh/Varian!”
“Actually Garrosh/Varian is dead. Sylvanas/Anduin is in charge”
Enemy dies of a heart attack Well there’s my job done.

(Zimos) #92

Especially noteworthy in that the Goblin Death Knights were from the Steamwheedle Cartel and the Worgen were from Arugal’s pack.
As in outsiders, like the Bilgewater Cartel and Gilneas at the end straight up got more manpower for free.

My point being they could always use something similar for various Allied Races.
Void Elves and Lightforged are out unless Bolvar starts making new Death Knights.
Nightbourne and Highmountain are unlikely due to how rare they would be outside of the Broken isles.

But the Others?
Zandalari were IN NORTHREND during this time, likewise Kul’Tirans and Dark Iron were probably to some extent nearby, close enough to probably be justified and possibly even from rogue groups.
Mag’Har could even be explained by Claiming they were from the Outlands, as there WERE Mag’Har orcs fighting in Northrend.

(Kypookins) #93

Allied race starts at level 20.

Level 20 to 110 yields Heritage Armor.

Dk starts higher (55? can’t even remember now… ha!)

Blizzard’s mistake was ever mentioning “Lore” reasons, if they did. The “mechanics” reason is the real one.

It isn’t JUST the Heritage armor issue:

As someone who KNOWS, it is far easier to level from 60/whatever to max level than it is from 20. So an allied race DK would have a great head start, without needing a character boost or race change from a higher character.

Many players are probably thinking about how they’d just like to change THEIR DK to the allied race, but they are not thinking about that class having to then be included for them at the lower level.


Now that I think about it, it’s jacked up that they said Allied Races are a feature of this expansion but my class can’t be them. False advertising?

(Alära) #95

Lore wise, it’s because arthas didn’t put enough of a show of force to the allied races apparently.

Game play wise it’s so people don’t skip at least half of the way to getting heritage armor. As stated, it’s easier to get to 110 from 60 than from 20.

(Fliktarg) #96

WHy do people whine and argue about this topic so much???

Is it not obvious that you just have to wait for wrath 2.0 to happen next expansion or the one after?


Says the Mag’har Orc warrior. Are you trying to gate keep sir?

(Oxyotl) #98

Lady Tamakeen is a Dark Iron DK. Shes an NPC and we all wonder if its just a troll move from Blizz or an Easter egg of whats to come.

(Stevas) #99

Start them at 50 as normal but u dont get the heritage armour. Perhaps hero classes like dh and dk should have their own heritage armour regardless of race.


I main a DK and because nothing can be a DK lol I just play the same old Troll. It is not a problem with heritage armor we have the Lich King who can make DK’s then why not start making them with the new races. They start at 20 and once the new races come to the new land they are still exposed to the scourge. Remember the Lich did not go anywhere the scourge is not attacking.

(Zoumz) #101

It’s really obvious that they could add some allied races to dks, they’ve added goblins and worgen to dks and those weren’t created “during wotlk”. And worgen doesn’t make much sense, panda dks make even more sense than worgen because worgens shouldn’t be able to be turned undead because of their curse.

(Rhielle) #102

They’re a hero class with talents you get while playing through their story driven starter zone. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Lots of things to take into account in order to figure out how to make it work.



Explain why you trying to maintain a premise that blizzard gives anything about lore after that first quote?

Riiiiiiight. The amount of fail exceeds comparison.

To make that sentence make any actual sense, you’d need to remove the The.

Also I am all but positive that my racial traits comment wasn’t to you or about our conversation.

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People will use the Lore about the Lich King and blah blah blah.

Goblins came after, oh but they fit the Lore because of blah blah blah.

But my hero can still race change from an Undead to a Gnome. If this can fit the Lore why can’t a Maghar Orc Death Knight?


Hey buddy, logic hurts I know.

Your reasons are dumb and irrelevant.

Move along now.