Why can Shadow Priests turn into a purple ball while mounted?

But the rest of us can’t pop trinket while riding a mount? It doesn’t make sense to me. The most OP class in the game can also do mounted combat but no one else can.


If you have a polearm you should be able to charge other players on your horse


But at the same time, casting shadow form dismounts you lol


are we talking about the same ability? it deals 0 damage and u cant cast any damaging abilities on a mount so why do people complain about this when it has 0 purpose or value except when you are trying to gank the priest player and they have 0 interest in you


I agree. Paladins cant bubble on their mounts, why can Priests dispersion while mounted? Is there any other ability in the game that doesn’t dismount you when used?


changing stances

OK, Ill give you that. Its the same with Paladin Auras, can do that mounted. Those dont quite have the same substance as dispersion.

Most OP class? Are you forgetting that hunters, shamans, rogues and locks exist? Also, remind me again how spriests do in PVE?


You can’t just call nearly half of the classes in the game OP lol

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found the guy who ate paint ships as a kid…

They do well and are highly desired. Dps’ng while healing the raid is nice.

Vanish shouldn’t remove hunter’s mark. All rogue cc should DR eachother regardless of type. Rogues shouldn’t be able to see traps.

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I can’t? Where’s the rule stating that? Please show me.

Yes, they do so well that tanks out dps them….

Hunter tracking can be changed

It definitely shouldn’t be usable while mounted, but these threads always make me laugh because because it is 100% wpvp related and OP is just salty the priest got away from his awful gank attempt lmao.


there’s no way it was an intentional decision by a thoughtful dev :expressionless: it’s an oversight, one they are too lazy to fix

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Then give it to all classes, everyone gets dispersion mounted. Take bubble out of the game and everyone gets dispersion

Rogues should be able to dodge ranged. This is exactly why when I play hunter, and I see many ranged hunters doing that too, target preferably rogues from ranged. They have zero counters against it. Keep serpent sting up and vanish becomes just a delayed death for the rogue.

Because Paladins have plate armor and stun for days. Shadow priests can be slaughtered within a global by many classes atm.