Why can’t Nightborne be druids?

So I was talking to one of my friends about how he wants to play a Nightborne druid and I thought that Val’sharah is right next to Suramar. And I thought that the first druids were created in Val’sharah before Suramar put them self’s in a bubble but I could be wrong. So I was wondering if my time line is wrong and the Nightborne were actually in the bubble when druids were a becoming a thing. Also on the topic of lore reason that classes are available when monks were introduced I was under the impression that all the old races were taught the way of the monk so to speak so why could they not do that for druids or other classes dk make sense because the lich king needs to make a dk and I am aware it is a game and sometime things happen for gameplay reason but I’m asking on a lore base so if were to ignore game design decisions and just focus on lore why can’t Nightborne be druids?

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A small handful of Druids existed when the bubble went up, but they were a pretty fringe group. There’s no reason that they would have been in the city when the bubble went up, and even less reason that the rest of the arcane-obsessed Nightborne would have wanted to take up their teachings.


It’s probably hard to be one with nature when you’re stuck inside a small bubble for 10,000 years.


If I’m not mistaken only Malfurion was studying druidsm before the events of WotA and he became the first druid. During that period, Nightbourne bubble themselves up and cut all conection to the outside world. So they were not around to be taught about the craft.


Basically, this. They all lived inside a sealed city. Not really druid territory.

Ok so the bubble went up really close to when the first druids were around so that makes more sense thank you. But is it not possible to teach other races to be druids? Like blood elves or undead or dwarfs or whatever is there a limiting attribute to be a druid?

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t, with the exception of the undead. They’re kind of on the wrong end of the magical spectrum there.

I think playable classes are more meant to represent races that have high populations using particular types of magic, not that only x races can in most cases.

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The first Night Elf druid that is. Tauren had walked that path prior to Malfurion or Cenarius. It got forgotten and then reacquainted more recently. And of course Zandalari Trolls had it before anyone else.

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Certainly anyone could become a Druid, but class availability isn’t based on theoretical potential. If it was, there’d be almost no class restrictions at all.


I feel like it should be possible for the same reason Night Elves can now be mages. Opportunity is there, and bubble is gone.

Mages make the most sense. Warlocks make sense since all the fel everywhere. Warriors, hunters, and rogues these sort of make sense. Priests don’t for the same reason Nightborne can’t be druids, there weren’t priestesses of Elune in Suramar when the barrier went up. Just mages. If there can be priests there should be druids.

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The Nightborne are far to arcane focused to be able to grasp the intricacies of druidism, it’s the same reason Illidan couldn’t do it. It requires a different mind set and ability than arcane does. Which makes Malfurion even cooler because WotA says she was nearly as gifted with the arcane as Illidan lol.

Anyway it would require the Nightborne to completely abandon arcane to learn it and pre legion that’s wasn’t possible because it coursed through their veins.

Malfurion was the one and only druid in existence until after the sundering.

It is a lore fact that Malfurion was the worlds first druid and the only student that Cenarius ever had. Cenarius did however teach the early Tauren druidic or nature magic which they forgot but Malfurion is the undisputed first druid.


As far as Cenarius knew. Both Tauren and Zandalar Trolls had independently found the path before Cenarius taught anyone. The Tauren had lost it by then but the Trolls never did.

And “lore facts” are subject to revision.

One and only mortal druid. To clarify.

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The Nightborne don’t know shapeshifting and as such don’t have Druidism. The Nightborne’s only Nature Magic Class is Botanist(like High Botanist Tel’arn).

Botanists focus less on the blessings of the Wild Gods and Emerald Dream in favor of controlling Plants, Arcane and Sun to harm their enemies. Unlike Druidism it doesn’t require patience to use.

Arcane is used by Balance Druids before you forget! Balance Druids use Arcane(in the form of Lunar Magics) and Nature(in the form of Solar Magics) in Balance with each other according to the official description.

Illidan’s inability to use Druidism was due to his lack of patience! Malfurion on the other hand had the patience needed to become a Druid.

Cenarius states in the War of the Ancients Trilogy that those he taught Nature Magic before were only taught how to connect to the Emerald Dream after they ceased to become Mortal.

According to the Warcraft Chronicle said students were Yaungol(who were mostly Botanists and Shaman with only a few becoming Druid Ancients) and the Tauren(the only Tauren student to properly become a Druid without becoming an Ancient was Xarantaur who was granted Immortality by the Bronze Dragonflight).

Again according to Cenarius’ knowledge. And once upon a time we could have made the statement that there were no such things as Paladins until Humans invented them during the Second War. Now we know that Trolls predate in both.

I wasn’t arguing with you…

Was just pointing out that if the person I replied to wanted to only count the knowledge from Cenarius as being the source of druidry, they should at least clarify that Malfurion wasn’t the first non-mortal druid. They were very insistent about him being the first…

Sorry :roll_eyes:

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If patience is the only thing that’s needed, then I imagine a people that have been stuck in a bubble for 10k years would probably have spades of it. For that matter, Illidan must have also learned the value of patience after being imprisoned himself for over 10k years. Although being a Demon Hunter would likely interfere with Druidism.

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Being totally isolated from a natural environment might be considered a detriment.

Also remember that the natives of Suramar were Highborne who had more than a slight distaste for a nature oriented path and contempt for anything other than the arcane which would involve stepping out of their immaculate clean city with it’s paved over roads. Even at least one of the nightbourne sillies is about contempt at what they see as the Night Elves unsuitability for “life in a real city”.

No more than being a Fire Magic user would… The Druids of the Flame are proof of that as is Agronox the Fel Ancient.

Any Fel Druids or Botanists would specialize in Poison and Thorns as Agronox shows.

High Botanist Tel’arn used Nature Magic remember so being isolated from Nature doesn’t interfere with Nature Magic.

I wouldn’t call his magic Druidic, more like a form of unique Arcane magic that was adept at mutatting plants and animals Like that Blood Elf botanist you fight in one of those Naaru ships in Burning Crusade.

Neither show the kind of humility we expect that the Druidic path would require.