Why Blizzard doesn't actually care about "Fun"

Yogg 1 light has been easy for 8 months.


It’s tough being bad at the game with 24 other equally bad people. Luckily you no longer have to worry about being bad with these new changes, seems like it all worked out for you.

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Let me ask all you pro gamers this simple question, are you still farming Ulduar 25 Hms?

If not then the only reason you are arguing for no changes is because you are elitist that want no one to have the same toys as you. But ultimately keeping additional barriers of entry to later content will only seek to fracture the player basis into haves and have nots.

Have a person leave your guild due to RL issues? hope you can find someone that already got the last tier content so you don’t have to go back and farm it up for them.


Big real facts man, they should add Val’anyr and Shadowmourne in the sidereal essence vendor so everyone can have big super fun :face_with_monocle:.

Funny you mention that as they added Primordial saronite to the frost vendor just to make it easier on people to get Shadowmourne.


Yeah, some of them.

If you want Blizzard to hand out a Val’anyr to every single caster just say it man. There’s already like 2-10 of them in each guild and you want more.

Or you could just not go back to farm it because it’s not necessary.

That’s not why they added it to the vendor:

The only reason anyone still farming hardmode would want changes is to get free stuff the current loot design doesn’t allow for… stop asking for free loot.

Ulduar was out for like 40 weeks now so if your guild/static/pug doesn’t have it on farm idk what to tell you.

Here’s what blizzard, and all corporations, care about. Money. If you were expecting them to care about anything else we’ll that’s just plain silly. Blizzard isn’t out here creating content because they want their player base to have fun. It’s because they want you to insert more money into their pockets.


We have 5 Val’anyrs in our raid, every healer has one.

Not sure what they could have done more.

I remember a Tweet by Mark Kern (original WoW Team Lead) that Blizzard became the juggernaut it was by not focusing on money. They put the quality of the game and the desires of the players first and foremost and relied on that to build an empire. He said they were different from other companies in that regard. Obviously they’ve long since abandoned that philosophy.


Yes still farming it, weve gotten like 8 comets and still killing algalon every week, tbh I still find its a fun fight and one of the only ones thats almost pure single target without interruption

If you’re still trying for Valanyr frags you either: have incredible turnover, have impossibly bad luck or are just bad and weren’t doing raids on HM for the first few months.

Most guilds had 3-4 Valanyrs completeed months ago…

Yes they abandoned that philosophy along with game masters

Yea, the was abandoned with Activision take over, unfortunately…then they went whale hunting.

If you aren’t having fun playing why are you still paying a sub?
If something entirely optional and built as a fun way to spend time isn’t fun for you, then stop paying for it.

I thought I would like LotR online, paid for it, didn’t have fun with it and stopped paying/playing. simple as.

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They had different plan for Ulduar and it worked. They boosted iLvl in Ulduar so it still will be attractive for guilds/pugs to run it because Uld tier is still BiS for few specs, HM 252 items are still BiS and obviously fragments.

I always love reading these threads and the constant comments of “most guilds”. Just because your guild is doesn’t mean you are most guilds. Algalon still sits at 51% kill rate on logs for the last two weeks and yogg at 60 something. Most guilds are not clearing Ulduar even with ToGC loot. They either aren’t doing it or they are and still wiping 50% of the time. These are statistics you can’t say most guilds unless most to you is half.

source classic.warcraftlogs .com/zone/statistics/1017/#metric=fightwipes

Now I will say the only thing this doesn’t account for is people not logging, but I generally assume groups not logging are below the average mark, so this # is actually worse than we can see. By the end of the expansion with the current setup it will be more common to see shadowmourne than val.

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