Why blizz doesn't make traditional martial artists clothes like Gi from karate

I would like to mog my monk with traditional karate, judo, jiu-jitsu etc but blizz doesn’t make it.


At the risk of pointing out the obvious, the reason for that is that monks (the class) came from Pandaria which is modelled on Ancient China. The martial arts you listed are all from Japan. The aesthetic is totally different.

I share your disappointment cos I’d love a decent Gi or Dobok mog set.


Well then where is my yellow onsie.

I assume you’re referring to the costume worn by the venerable Master Lee in Game of Death. And if you are, I too am curious about that. Especially since it would be easy to recolour one of the Elder Festival suits to be yellow and black to imitate it.


Oh thats a good idea, ok i’m sold.

Yeah closest i can get is this mog im wearing to anything “Chinese” inspired.