Why ashran for the brawl?

Thanks for letting me know what to avoid this week… I don’t need the 100 CQ from it to cap.


I was able to hand i the kill Tremblade qust for 150 Conq, than all the Horde stood there confused like “wait theres more?”

we also had 5 events finished (it used to be kill Tram OR win 4 events to end it)

but it just wont end

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Umm it’s a brawl. You can “blacklist” it by not doing Brawls?
And it’s “Classic Ashran” with the events and such.

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No, it wasn’t. Original Ashran never ended and the quest was to kill the boss AND win at 5 events. There was a buff on you that meant you needed to stay inside for 15 minutes and then you could leave without penalty.


Glad you finished it. Not sure how we didn’t. I left after like 2-3 hours finally heavily annoyed. We killed Val and had all the flag points, won at least 4 Events, im pretty sure it was 5+ but lost track (other people were in it before and said they’d been winning the events the whole time) got achievement for doing ashran and “winning” or whatever. But not quest. everyone ended up giving up and I still waited out a long time after that. Started losing events. Pushed again winning another couple before everyone gave up again and we were down to like 25-30 and I finally left lol. Got deserter. Everyone’s thoroughly confused by this brawl and how to complete the dang quest.

We’re working on a hotfix that will make the “Something Different” quest complete in the Classic Ashran brawl when you either win any event, or kill Grand Marshal Tremblade / High Warlord Volrath.


Thank you! Could explain why the queue was so long too.


Also, while we have you here, could you address this thread:

pretty please?

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Noone wanted to do ashran when it was current after holinka’s ‘we are not playing like we are supposed to bs’

And no one wants to play it now, the wow servers can’t even run the content at 20 v 20 without lag. Even the best computers can’t run ashran because the lack of hardware on wow’s end.

How do they get away with releasing content their own servers can’t run?!


Couldn’t that be the product of the giant Artifact buff you can get in Ashran? It increases dmg done by like 100-300% or something nuts.

I don’t think people are talking Ashran in that thread.

Kaivax right now:


kaleiki at his best

this game needs a new pvp lead


ashran and wintergrasp are both just to long maybe if a reinforcement feature were added to those two bgs it would get players to compete more.

Wintergrasp has a timer, so it ends by default. New Ashran has reinforcements, does the brawl not? I haven’t had time to do that yet.

44m is still to long for that bg is should be around 30m or use reinforcements as a way to win.

Epics are designed to last about an hour.


Havent done it but i think itll just be an endless road and event fight.

No, it’s Endless (and clearly labelled as such both before queuing AND as the screen pops up. Don’t know why people are so blind).

I did test earlier and you do get a debuff upon exiting even after staying in there for an hour so think that should probably change or it’ll leave bad feeling in people’s mouths.

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Isn’t wintergrasp like… 15 minutes left on the timer once you knock down the towers?