Why ashran for the brawl?


why do we have ashran as a classic brawl and epic random bg?..just why?

can we please get blacklisting back.


You mean you dont like spending an hour in 1 big fluster-cluck?

(Jugaa) #3

Well, this would’ve been an off brawl week anyway. Just look at it as an extra 100 CP


i have been in que for 25m no one is going to do it rip ashran brawl

(Jugaa) #5

Horde side, no mercing. Yea, it’s gonna be a bit of a queue.


its not not normally that long maybe its just because of the reset.

(Jugaa) #7

Could be. Or, it’s Ashran so not many queuing up for it.


Been in this brawl over an hour and have killed Vol twice but it won’t end… so you’re not missing much. -.-

(Jugaa) #9

Are you getting CP for it?

(Bynir) #10

It’s classic Ashran - never ending, events back in, assume the “win condition” for the quest is 4 event wins and an enemy general kill?


Nope. It won’t complete the brawl quest and won’t the give the 40 conquest for winning it either lol. We were winning the hole time completing the events and killed Vol twice. Half the horde team had left and got replaced. That’s when we killed him the second time. I got the achievement for completing ashram but it hasn’t completed anything else yet. Still in here… everyone’s pissed. Submitted a ticket.


Just another day in beta for azeroth


Done that. Quest is still not satisfied lol. Pretty much everyone is giving up or just afking in stormshield cause we’re at a loss.

(Doomgard) #14

we were in there 1hr 25mins
we killed Tremblade and the BG stiill didnt end
had to afk out i didnt have the time to recap all points AFTER u kill trem its ridiculous.


well it looks like im just doing the random bg and epic random bgs to just cap cp.

(Jugaa) #16

Assault is up too. Worth 60 CP plus 50 if you’re lucky like me and find the chest

(Dosao) #17

Thanks for letting me know what to avoid this week… I don’t need the 100 CQ from it to cap.

(Doomgard) #18

I was able to hand i the kill Tremblade qust for 150 Conq, than all the Horde stood there confused like “wait theres more?”

we also had 5 events finished (it used to be kill Tram OR win 4 events to end it)

but it just wont end

(Jarawana) #19

Umm it’s a brawl. You can “blacklist” it by not doing Brawls?
And it’s “Classic Ashran” with the events and such.

(Bynir) #20

No, it wasn’t. Original Ashran never ended and the quest was to kill the boss AND win at 5 events. There was a buff on you that meant you needed to stay inside for 15 minutes and then you could leave without penalty.