Why are you not a fox?

Vulpera don’t interest me in the slightest. Didn’t think that’d ever happen with a short race, but here we are.

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But Tauren aren’t foxes…?

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Because I am a talking cow.

Plus I am waiting until Shadowlands to level my little cutie.


I did make one as an alt recently (crammed mechagon dungeon, vulpera requirements, and zandalari requirements in a week as I had the rep already)

He’ll be leveling along side the mechagnome I said I’d never make as a sort of opposites kinda thing (the vulpera is a male survival hunter, and the mechagnome is a female who’s hunter spec I’m still considering)

All this said . . . not the top of my priority leveling list as there’s other races I’d rather play.

I’m just not that interested, really. Part of that is my disappointment over not getting Kelfin, I absolutely adore Neri, Poen, and Vim. The Unshackled came off as one big family, all pitching in and looking out for each other.

Vulpera are more scattered, and have no issue with outright theft and murder to achieve their goals. They don’t have a lot that compels me to like them. Kiro, who is the only named Vulpera I can easily recall, seems nice enough if very generic.

I wish the Vulpera had more lore, they are currently relegated to the status of mere desert thieves. What are their customs? Belief systems? Why do they collect other Vulpera tails? Have they always lived in Vol’dun? Why didn’t they leave? Who taught them magic, or how to contact demons?

So many questions, and no answers.



Give worgen tails! Give worgen tails! GIVE WORGEN TAILS!



“ð” can be pronounced “tha” or “th”

I’m already doing that, but you can keep your bronze medal.


Okay thanks

Also what language is that from? Norse?

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Once blizz let them be druid im changing to one

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Camo stealths behind poster because i like to fluff other peoples tails and ears.

Fluffs all the vulperas tails and ears. In exchange you may hump my leg.

Fluff fluff fluff fluff.

Vulpera are terrible. Why would I ever want to play one.


I think so! Also used in Old + Middle English.

Because I can’t stand being Horde. I have tried several toons as Horde but just can’t. The cities are too hard to navigate and confusing. If I could just start a fox, I may have tried one but I will not level to 120 just to unlock one.

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I’m not a dog, no matter what Leelinn says, so no I do not want to hump your leg but I will allow you to fluff me.

If they could be a druid I would have one. It would be an amazing gathering character!

Just look at me.

does a cat walk

I’m already a fox.



If vrykul every get to be a playable race you should totally race change

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:eyes: If only. I’d be a tall musclewoman in a heartbeat!

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Holy hell, I thought these threads died off 2 months ago. We know you like your vulpera character, good for you!