Why are we so heavily punished for getting group kicked from islands?


I died once during a HEROIC island group so I guess the group deemed me unworthy, so they kicked me. Now I can’t group up in any instanced thing for half an hour.


I didn’t AFK, I didn’t do anything wrong, I just pulled too much and died ONCE half way through the thing. I didn’t even say anything until after they kicked me. The character I was on wasn’t even undergeared, I just wasn’t following the group since I generally enjoy pulling by myself.

Well, guess I don’t really have a reason to stay on for the rest of the day since this kind of killed my mood towards trying to find some enjoyment in the soulless island grind.

Also my character is 392 ilvl with a level 41 neck, why aren’t his emmisary rewards for azerite 400 yet? And why hasn’t the forums updated characters in weeks?