Why are visions?

what an odd title i know, but really the more i play visions the more they i question the design choices made by blizzard with them. I run probably 10+ 5masks a week, I have seen many many stupid interactions, and have made useless reports on all of them, so now I’m here complaining.

  1. they’re not interesting anymore, its a boring waste of time for power. how many more weeks will I have to grind out 3 corruption resist at a time?
  2. what is Rexxar’s dmg out put? i could literally pull the entire area of most of the other zones and it wouldnt do anywhere near the dmg he puts out. there’s something clearly broken with it, not only that but the pigs are supposed to have a % spawn, in practice that’s super hit or miss.
  3. why is there so much inconsistency across the board ? you can’t cloak of shadows hopelessness or chains on the bosses, but it works on Thrall and Alleria how does that make any sense at all? especially considering anti magic shell works on all 4
  4. why the hell thought desync was a good idea ? take a frost mage into desync tell me how it goes, because the global cd the class just doesnt really work as intended, than hey you get a lust for about 3 seconds until you’re stuck doing 20% slower again, its such a trash affix and is widely different from the other bonuses in the zone. like bloodthirsty or promised power.
  5. Why does Hotfeet always proc? why isnt their an internal cd on it? positioning is important more so in visions, nothing feels better than trying to click a bomb only to hop way past it, or just off a bridge, but it gets worse you can stand in the boss by the drag, but it doesnt work with hot feet, get rid of this crap.
  6. why hasn’t there been a catch up for alts and their cloak upgrades? corruption vendors, essences, and other alt friendly things have been introduced, you can get an upgrade every run now, thats a good solid change… but once you hit 15 you’re on your own again why wouldnt you make it so you can catch up?
  7. why do you choose to make it so much more difficult for ranged players vs melee ? obvious exception BM hunter because they’re actually just broken atm, but everything else its significantly easier to go through things as a melee vs a ranged player.
  8. why are there still inconsistencies with the mob % in the valley of wisdom, i can go pull the same packs get 100% sometimes, but others usually on casters get 96% and be forced to pull the double stun pack which isnt really a fair pack to start with for casters

In short week in and week out Visions become more and more tedious, and I hate doing them. they suck they’re boring, and they’re woefully broken. it would be pretty cool if you fixed your game but we both know its not going to happen. I truly hope that the obvious flaws in the system don’t become part of Torghast.


It’s mostly boring because there are only two of them, but the other cities have their own…properties that would make them superbly frustrating to use as Horrific Visions (Like Hotfoot in the Horrific Vision of Thunder Bluff or Ironforge).

One thing I’d like to see in the future is more layout variety.


I read the title in Dave Bautista