Why are troll ear drop rates less than 100%?

I’m doing this quest in ghostlands where you have to kill Troll Beserkers and collect their ears. My question is why isn’t every kill dropping troll ears, are only 10% of these trolls walking around with ears? Explain yourself blizzard, this completely ruins the immersion for me and I lose the will to roleplay in the trade chat in orgrimmar smh.

You would have loved collecting bear asses in Ashenvale back in the day.

Apparently most bears lost their asses in combat some time before you killed them.

I’d imagine that applies to troll ears as well.

Yep. Most of the NPC trolls you see are earless, due to an unfortunate combination of combat damage and regeneration failure.

So why do these earless trolls seem to have ears?

Ear wigs.

Don’t let it bug you.


That makes sense, so it is confirmed in the lore there may be fake trolls that don’t even have troll ears. The alliance is getting creative