Why are threads being locked?

(Magahat) #1

Legitimate threads that were critical of the game, but not filled with bile are being locked. Why?

(Arron) #2

Someone is using alts to mass-flag random threads. This needs to be reported.

(Kirela) #3

Someone is trolling big time. They’re all locks from “community” flags. Jokes on them, I’ve seen mods around at 10 pm at night sometimes.

(Kreivos) #4

Lol. I was trying to respond to someone in the thread related to this one, complaining about big threads being locked while trying to discuss and it got locked in the middle of that response.

Was just now like “Are you freakin’ kidding me?!”.

(system) #5

This topic is temporarily closed for 24 hours due to a large number of community flags.


Hey guys!

We’re aware of this and looking into it. I’ll post any updates as soon as we hear something we can share.

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Should be fixed momentarily! We negotiated new terms with the rogue on the web team surrounding our lock picking deal and are working on getting all of the threads unlocked.

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Apparently Nobody is Behind the Forum Locks; the Forums Just Broke. All Locked Threads are Being Unlocked
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(Leatherfoot) #9

Could you… Unfix it?

Lots of trolls got shut down.

(Vera) #10

It’s happening again Getting closed and unlisted.


how is that trolling? it is about talking .


I’d rather the trolls themselves have their accounts silenced than the entire legitimate thread be locked.

(Leatherfoot) #13

There’s a process in place for individual posters which works as far as I know.

But if the OP is trolling, the thread is not legitimate.

They’re easy to spot and I’m surprised they don’t get shut down more.


I was actually specifically referring to some of the mega-threads, like for High Elves or Vulpera. They are locked frequently for seemingly no good reason.

(Leatherfoot) #15

I see. I haven’t really paid attention to those threads, but IMO it’s clear the threads were not created with the intent to troll.

Maybe mods feel like they need to give high traffic threads a temporary break so people can step away.


The reason given every time states the thread has been temporarily locked due to an extremely high number of posts being flagged.

(Leatherfoot) #17

Definitely sounds like a conversation they don’t want to shut down but need to let cool down.

(Leatherfoot) #20

I will add the flag needs a bit more parity because the OP of this particular thread needs a free name change.