Why are there no boots from Exile's Reach?

The outfit from Exile’s Reach is nice, and I love a good, complete transmog. But the outfit is “boots not included*” and it bothers me to not have that completion! Please, Blizz! Gib boots.


Also, not just for transmog, you’re spitting characters out at level 10, ready to enter dungeons, with level basic boots.


There also isnt a good weapon reward, so if you are wanting to use a different spec it takes some time to get a weapon that makes it work.

I didnt get a 2 hander on the paladin i wanted to spec ret on until level 14.

A weapon choice for finishing the beginner dungeon would work fine.


The boots are a random drop from mobs on the island, the weapon can drop from the dungeon you just gotta rerun it a couple times.


You can purchase any of the expeditionary weapons from either Provisioner Jin’hake (Horde) or Quartermaster Richter (Alliance). You can also find both vendors in the Baracks and Training Hall respectively.


I killed an awful lot of mobs and saw no boots drop.

I also killed a few rares. No boots.

Does it have boots?

all i saw on him was a tabard, and something else that i cant remember. I definitely dont remember any weapons

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They sell weapons when they are located in capital cities (Training Hall - Alliance), Barracks - Horde)

Just weapons

It was food.

The quartermaster sold food and tabards in Exile’s Reach, but in Stormwind City, they sold weapons.

I was talking with another player this morning when we were trying to figure out how to get the “An Urgent Meeting” quest from Henry Garrick (in another thread btw) who said one thing bothered her the most: NO BOOTS. I agreed with Shoban that we’re missing the boots from the storyline on Exile’s Reach.

I got a necklace to drop off a regular mob in the Ogre citadel. That was a nice surprise, but… it seems the greens -almost- never drop off regular mobs and some named mobs. The RNG for the loot drops seem a bit off. You say the boots drop off the mobs. But they never seem to for me.

Will we get the chance to buy armor pieces (beside tabards and weapons) when we arrive in our respective cities after leaving Exile’s Reach?


I got boots and a weapon as a drop. Its rng from enemies, not a big deal seeing as you can get items from quests like normal.

I figured some players would eventually get the boots as a drop, but all of the other armor pieces we got were quest rewards. The boots was the exception.

I do hope that we get a chance to buy the boots from a quartermaster in our respective cities.

The RNG on necklaces and boots seemed a bit low. We’re missing boots, necklace, two rings and two trinkets. On my Paladin, I got a trinket as a quest reward. The inconsistency in the quest rewards across the board seemed like different classes got different quest rewards.


I’ve done the starter zone 3 times each on both Horde and Alliance, and out of all 6 times, I never received a drop for the boots. So, even if they are RNG drop from mobs, it’s extremely low, and it means that the majority of players will be leaving the island missing a piece of gear and entering dungeons immediately without that piece.


You dont have to do dungeons right away though, you can quest or pvp. There are options.

Oh also a note: you couldn’t even get head pieces early or a ring unless you crafted it, yet I got both and a neck piece that’s something you don’t see early game except for heirlooms or hitting like level 19.

The point of the post isn’t to discuss what you can or can’t do after leaving exile’s reach. It’s simply a statement of how it feels incomplete without boots when they give every other piece of gear (minus rings and trinkets) to the new player experience zone. New players won’t think to go around and kill mobs that aren’t for their quests, except for the rares which are shown on the map as special stars, or in treasure chests which are also on the map.

If they made it a quest reward, or in a treasure chest, or from a rare mob to add incentive to exploration, then that would be cool too.


I guess a normal item such as boots could feel a bit incomplete when that was something normal youd get from current wow. But if thats the case I’d say switch the fact that you get a head piece and give boots! It’d be just like what we’re use to since that’s usually a higher level drop. Or the neck piece I would swap.

Is it an actual set for plate/mail/leather/cloth?

Not tier like sets, but questing sets, like doing all epl/wpl and your finished gear being all one look and color.

Does the lack of boots disrupt this?

And why is it always boots that seem to be missing?

Or better yet, when they ask you to pick a specialization they could award you the weapons you’ll need for all of them