Why are tanks so nerfed in PVP?

Why are tanks so nerfed in PVP?
DK and lock have almost the same HP as tanks. I take more damage in PvP than my Disc Priest and deal less damage than them. I feel like tanks are completely overlooked in PvP.
Tanks deal less damage than DPS, have lower survivability than healers, and receive a greater amount of damage than both
If we quantify the attacks that a tank receives compared to a healer or DPS in raw numbers rather than percentages, the tank takes much more damage, which doesn’t make sense

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The game just isn’t balanced around allowing someone to be invulnerable or incredibly difficult to kill. You can kill a dps with a healer, but taking down a tank and healer is a different story.

It’s not fun.

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It does not justify, a disc priest is harder to kill than a tank

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Well, healers rely on mana as a resource, eventually a healer will oom and you’ll kill them. Tanks don’t really need to rely on a resource to stay alive. Tanks are meant to survive heavy hits from raid bosses that can normally one shot a non-tank player, if they weren’t nerfed in PvP you wouldn’t see them killable at all, especially when paired with a healer.

I’d say a PvP geared blood DK is harder to kill than a Discipline Priest imo.

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BDK’s get shut down hard by disarms. Guardian/VDH can sort of tank (excluding random BG cheese) and act as a FC/spin bot at least

Because tanks in PVP are degenerate. No one enjoys facing a tank in PVP… is this seriously even a question?


I think you may end up feeling differently about it if you and four friends die to a vengeance DH or something.

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I think guardian druid is a good choice for people who only do world pvp by themselves.

I geared for prot at the start of this expansion (when arms was bad) and it was awesome
you could top bgs and had god tier survivability also
then they hit it with a 20% nerf gg

p.s. bring back gladiator stance

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Remember Guardian Druids in WPVP in Legion? Wasn’t that fun?

Sadly they never went anywhere, lol.

Yeah and you have specs like blood dk which can get shut down and bursted hard. Why do we have the same damage penalty as say guardian druid which has a lot of heals and cooldowns to counter incoming damage?

Yes. I mained a big ol’ bear back then. Good times. End of BFA was pretty fun, too. Taking on whole raid groups (and winning) was wild. “I’m a firin’ mah lazer!”

Actually, yes, it was. I remember being such a nuisance at all the FFA PvP WQ areas… at least toward people that struck me first and alliance.

Never understood this line of thought - it’s akin to the old Dev quote from years back. “If a tank is having fun in PvP, no one else is.”

By that logic, Rogues should be nerfed out of PvP completely.

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