Why are tanks allowed to sell runs?

it seems to me that paladins and feral tanks are under powered, and desperately need an upgrade to be competitive with warrior tanks. a lot of people don’t want to be a warrior tank, and feel like they’d be wasting their time making a feral or pali tank, and that leads to a shortage of tanks, which in turns leads to profiteering from the mistakes that have been made…it’s hard enough to save money for a mount, or those crafted pieces of gear that are almost, if not actually necessary to be a viable choice for raids…
Mistakes have been made, and more are piling on top of them…give pali’s a taunt, and their shield throw…give ferals…w/e it is they need to be better tanks…
break the Warrior tank cartel.
look at the lfg channel all day every day…“looking for tank”…“looking for tank”…“looking for tank”…FIX IT…

Paladins and druids are great tanks in 5 mans. The reason why tanks get away with selling is there’s a lot less of them.

Also 99% of warriors are like I DuN TaNk Ah DuN wAnNa! And people think that paladins and druids can’t tank.

Also, there’s a market. I personally won’t ever pay a tank. But, you have people that hand over the gold willingly.


Cuz capitalism. /thread


I tank MC just fine and will be tanking BWL as well :man_shrugging:


Because of this kind of QQ I refuse tank for pugs. Love that my lock can solo DM for my gold and feed my tank. It just pokes on for raid then back to shelf and my lock baby goes out and about.

Druids are fine for 5mans or raid. I haven’t had a pally tank so IDK about it until I see it. Reason tanks are selling runs is because we’re short supply. Then you have fact of I do not need any gear from those dungeons. So why would I go out my way to tank for Rando’s? Guildies. Anytime. Easy. Pugs… I rather much not.



The shortage of tanks is game driven. You may need 1 per 5 for a 5 man, but you only need like 2 per 40 for a raid.

Because people make their choices based in endgame raid content rather than leveling, we end up with enough raid tanks, and few dungeon ones.

Though, in reality we have plenty of dungeon ones too, they just dont want to tank for pugs. Warrior is one if the most common classes in the game, and you dont need to be prot to tank in classic.

No class driven changes are gonna make people want to pick up that role unless you make tanks broken overpowered.

Even in retail where we have 6 out of 11 classes that can tank, the limiter is always finding a tank. Every new class added to the game can tank. People just dont want to


Paladins and Druids are excellent 5man Tanks. You don’t have to go to for-sale runs. Why is this a problem?


Because people buy them…


i’m not saying they suck…it just really seems like no one wants to play them, at least when you’re trying to level and you sit in a group with 3 dps, a healer, and no tank for so long everyone gives up and quits…you may be right, it may be that there are enough tanks for end game, but that still doesn’t make it any easier to get a dungeon while leveling. i do not mind questing, i do both, or try to…dungeons are a quick source of exp, gear, and most of them have at least a few quests to do, but it gets harder and harder to get any of it done, because groups collapse waiting for a tank

I have all the pre-raid BiS for warrior tank, Until yesterday when I re-specced arms and bought The Unstoppable Force I had 220 gold, now I have 40… selling runs I didn’t need was all I had.

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Warrior tanks are a pain to level solo, so most leveled their tanks initially when the game came out. So 4 months ago tanks were easier to find, now they aren’t unless you manage to be in the same level bracket as a warrior+healer buddy leveling together.

Also some end game dungeons have nothing for warriors, so they have no incentive to run, besides gold.


My stats when fully buffed:

10,800 HP,
11,500 Armor
315 FR
17% Dodge
28% Crit

Not to mention a &$%# ton more threat gen than a Warrior.

I can tank literally anything in this game.

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Came to post this. Everyone is screaming for tanks while leveling/5-man dungeoning. Raid slots for tanks are generally full for most guilds/raid teams as well as even PUG runs. It creates a situation most people don’t want to risk/bother with so they just don’t even level a tank.

I was going to type more, but I realize i’d just be duplicating your entire post.
So, I’ll just /agree with the entirety of your post. It’s spot on.


Tanks gear up fast. They usually have no reason to run a 5 man instance and Plate tanks have high repair costs. It is only fitting they get something guaranteed in return for their time.


Weird that you’ve pointed out exactly why tanks can sell runs and then asked why they can as your title.

In retail, Blizz cuts to the chase and THEY pay tanks for runs (sometimes healers too). In Classic, like so much else, it’s left to the community to come up with a solution and this is one of them.


If anything, Classic has proven that Druids are AMAZING tanks.

Druids just don’t want to tank. And there are few druids in the first place.


Go roll a tank and all your problems are solved. Was that your only issue today?


I have a Druid and Pally tank. I typically only tank for guildies.

It actually started in retail and carried over to Classic. The rush mentality turned me off.

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Druids are probably the best 5 man dungeon tanks especially at lower levels.
Tanks are the chads of vanilla and everyone loves chad…so chad says hey everyone loves me, everyone needs me, 5g to see me.
Chad is now a dungeon prosti.

Let me enlighten you a bit…

Tanking is more like work than any other role. You’re expected to…

  • pull
  • mark the targets
  • know which mobs to kill first (and why)
  • set the pace
  • adjust the pace
  • know the instance. the bosses, and the strats
  • know the shortcuts
  • memorize the pats

Meanwhile everyone else gets to put their feet up and mindlessly watch Netflix on their 2nd monitor. Then, because they’re not paying attention, they make stupid mistakes that make your job infinitely harder. Hunters multi-shotting off the pull screws up your entire threat rotation and causes you to run around uselessly like a chicken with no rage. Locks gonna dot. Mages gonna AoE. Plus, on top of all that, I’m fully geared. I don’t even need anything from this dungeon anymore.

So please tell me what incentive I could possibly have to go through all that for a bunch of strangers who wanna watch Netflix. Gold? Yeah I’d take some gold. Oh wait, you’re offended by that. Then there’s this guy…

Well I certainly don’t want to be viewed as that, so I guess I just won’t tank at all then!

First step to increasing the amount of tanks is to make their playing experience better. That starts with you. Learn the fights. Learn how threat works. Get better. Play considerately. Be nice to us.

Or you could roll a tank! But I bet you 100 bucks after three weeks you’ll be done tanking for pugs too.