Why are Rasta/Talanji so hostile towards Bwomsandi?

(Bobbydígital) #16

well he’s tried to get both of their souls

he may or may not have a legitimate gripe with sylvanas and not want her soul for whoever his master is but the whole Vol’jin thing kinda makes that seem like it’s more than personal


In Rasta’s case, he literally sold his entire bloodline out as part of a bargain with Bwonsamdi. He more than anyone had a right to be hostile towards Bwon if he suspected Bwon wasn’t fulfilling his half of the bargain.

And for those who haven’t fought Rasta in Battle of Dazar’alor, go do LFR. Rasta realizes entirely too late that Bwon isn’t going to keep his side of the deal.

I don’t know if Talanji was aware of how that all panned out. I just know that she’s officially stuck in a bargain with a loa who’s willing to let his half of it go unfulfilled.

(Voxplaga) #18

He signed his death warrant by making the pact in the first place. Bwonsamdi never wanted rasta, he wanted talanji the whole time.

Now that’s where you’re wrong. Bwonsamdi is still upholding his side of the deal. The deal never said he had to keep Rasta alive.

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Bwomsandi has never come off as a trustworthy being.

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Bwonsamdi also doesn’t like that Sylvanas keeps bringing almost everybody she kills back from the dead.


Lmao. You think Bwonsamdi is an agent of the Old Gods? You do understand that the Void and Death are opposing forces, right?

(Stenchbone) #22

Because he hates the undead - those are souls he cannot have.


Who else? When he finds Vol’jin’s soul is missing he despairs, it’s the most freaked out he sounds, and he mentions that his master won’t be pleased.

This master clearly isn’t any other loa, the only reasonable possibility is it being an old god.


Let’s think… who was the character who was recently retconned to be alive in Chronicle 3? Who was the being who sent his shades to go and stop the player and Vol’jin from finding out who named Sylvanas Warchief? Who was the enemy of the “Hand of Valor (Uther)?”

Oh yeah… Kel’thuzad.

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I’m not sure Kel’thuzad being alive is a retcon.
We never found his phylactery after defeating him in Wrath, so his return was kind of an inevitability.


I’m going to say that all trolls follow their own loa and just believe their loa is superior to all others. Talanji was pretty much forced to serve Bwonsamdi so she might not like him but there are some trolls that chose to follow him themselves. If you are horde there are daily quests from the flying loa worshipper who asks you to defile other loa statues and play pranks on worshippers of Gonk. You pretty much end up killing them. Lol


That wasn’t retconned in Chronicle, to be fair.

Original Nax, we deliver his phylactery to some shady dude and he runs off. We fight him again in Wrath, and don’t get his phylactery this time.

You can’t kill a Lich until you destroy it’s Phylactery.


So wait- you’re saying Bwonsamdi, a death loa thousands of years old- maybe tens of thousands of years since according to him he was there before the trolls- is a servant to a human mage turned lich a few decades old?


No, really?!

You’re going to go with 10k+ old death loa being the pawn of someone who became a lich 10-20 years ago- but not being the servant to one of the only beings old and powerful enough to actually be a reasonable master to a loa- an old god.

If KTz is really this guys master, that’s just nonsensical.

Not to mention… if Bwon hates the undead, his master being KTz makes even less sense.


Let’s not mention how Jaina is stronger than Thalyssra.

I’ll say this again, the Void and Death are opposing forces. They wouldn’t work together.

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If you’ve done the zandalari recruitment quests vol jin is actually lurking on top of the pyramid with bwonsamdi and then later with sylvanas. Looks like he’s not out of the picture yet


You know that part where you don’t read the “Fine print” and then the bank takes everything you have?
That’s Bwonsamdi just on a much grander scale :stuck_out_tongue:


Bwonsamdi doesn’t seem like the most trustworthy of loas. He always has his own agenda. With that being said, he’s my favorite loa. He always steals the cutscenes when he is on screen.

I think it hurts Talanji knowing her father felt like he was forced to accept Bwonsamdi as his patron loa and make one of his famous deals. You could hear her disgust as Bwonsamdi had no problem taking Rezan’s place as the loa above all loa during the recruitment quest.

Speculation time: ironically I think Bwonsamdi might actually end up being good for Talanji. We are obviously heading into a situation with the void and death. Since the void can’t control the dead, having a loa of death in your corner might actually be beneficial… that is… if ole bwonsamdi is willing to play ball and actually listen. He kinda gave up on Rastakhan.


i don’t think its so much a dislike as that how do you really trust a god of death?


I don’t think so. He’s not trusted. He reminds me of one of the Loa from Actual Vodou the one who guards the underworld or the spirit world, something like that. (It’s been awhile.) He’s respected, but no one really likes or trust him.

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I don’t understand why people think to be weird the way rude with that rastadoop and Talanji treat Bowsandi!

He is a mixture used car salesman, dishonest Attorney and bookmaker!
the way he reached your relationship with the Royal family has been through a extortion!
And he knows that nobody likes him very much!
As Bowsandi said to rastadoop, so that the problems of your incopetencia finish, he would run to the arms of the loas which bring rain and make the crops grow!

The other Loa has an interest in the sucess of his followers!
Bowsandi’s followers are just slaves of their debts with the loa scoundrel!

I don’t like the idea of the existence of such a no character being as that in Azeroth!
Imagine being connected to always be so petty!
It’s annoying, at best chance!