Why am I longer queue then wife ? pet battles?

So i queued said average wait time 6 minutes its been 18 minutes, Frustrated i asked my wife to queue for one to see if there was no one battling or something and if we would end up against each other.

Hers pop ups with an average wait of 3 minutes and she is in a battle in less then 1 minute after queueing.


We both queued with all level 25 pets.

What is this ?

We are same realm same guild.

How are her queues so fast and mine are 4 times longer then the average wait time.

I have lot of pets getting close to the 1500.
she prolly doesnt even have 100.

Is this some kind of matching system where we are punished for having more pets / achievements / levels and players who dont have as much get faster queues or something, im very very confused by this.

Just by testing this experiment for such a long queue, i can’t help but feel punished somehow seeing her get instant queues and me going now 5 times longer then the queue calls for. kinda BS.

EDIT: Now after 20 minutes of waiting in 6 minute average wait. I get the same person over and over.

Come on… Add some freaking NPCS or AI to the system to generate some battles.

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Big problem with pet PvP’s popularity is that not many players are into it. Someone new who thought it might be fun tried it out, got hammered a couple dozen times in a row by the meta team achievement hunter guys, decided to hell with it.

Blizzard’s attempt to fix this problem was to try to skill match the battles in some way. No idea exactly what their logic is, number of pets, level of pets, number of PvP wins, or what. It’s obviously causing grief with the experienced folks who used to be guaranteed to win almost all their fights. Whole lot fairer for your wife though, and might even get her to keep on with the pet PvP.

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