Why all these posts about lag and disconnects and nothing being done to fix it

I’ve had lag and disconnects the last couple days. I’m seeing tons of posts with the same issues, but no response from blizzard on a fix

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For the past two hours I’ve had trouble logging into bnet. The character selection screen is black and when I click “change realm” I get ‘You have been disconnected. (WOW51900329)

If I do happen to luck out and get to a loading screen it gets to about 75%, sits there and then disconnects me.

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I’m having the same issue. With all these posts I highly doubt that it’s my computer or internet which is fine as I’m able to play Star Wars with no issues.

You’ve seen all these posts, but not provided any diagnostic information as has been asked for in virtually every thread?

Post your winMTR test results if you want help. If you just want to vent, type your post and then delete it.

Specific information for this issue doesn’t really seem relevant considering how widespread it is and the seemingly lack of engagement with the support team. Just by sheer numbers it’s apparent that it is not a client side issue, nor likely a regional issue. But I guess you can act condescending and talk down to people for reporting issues – that approach might work in bizzaro land where you’re running for mayor.


If you want a guaranteed blue response you file a ticket.

If you want diagnosis on the forums, you give diagnostic information. They’ll want that same information in a ticket.

If you actually read a lot of these posts, you’d see that many of them are between the user’s ISP and blizzard, which isn’t blizzard’s issue. But sure, be an obstinate person yelling at someone trying to help.

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You’re not being helpful. Your commentary is useless and unhelpful and even worse – contributing nothing to the discussion except to discourage people from reporting issues. Go disrespect your parents or someone else who has to put up with your crap and get off the forums. This is for technical support, not for you to pretend to know something we all don’t. If a blue post asks for this information then it is deemed relevant by them, not you.

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People want a response from someone at Blizzard. Preferably one that at least acknowledges the problems.

What they don’t want is to be talked at by some upstart greenskin Shaman who isn’t even max level.

WinMTR is their go to bull crap response anyway. A player could have all the latest network equipment in their PC and it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference.