Why add all the new trinkets to the vault?

All the new trinkets got added to the vault, now all my pvp options are just trinkets. I know the chance of getting trinkets was supposedly lowered but adding, what, 6 new trinkets to the options negated that?

Edit: just remove trinkets completely from the vault. Nobody wants to get those from their vault. Let us buy them


Better solution… Remove the vault from PvP gearing.


remove gear from pvp

make it like one big giant tournament realm.

imagine how epic it would be.

i could actually invite some of my co-workers to play wow. sadly i can not recommend they play wow with all the barriers to entry especially for new players who dont have the alt catch-up goodies

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Im ok with gear.

But im also 100% on board with them adding BGs and Arenas that gear doesnt matter, that everyone has the same stat loadout as every other person in their class.

Where it becomes purely about skill. And allows new players to just jump in.