Why 8 hours of maintenance on 7/21?

Because they are connecting some servers with each other IIRC.

Yep, they are

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Which is a problem that should be fixed. There’s meant to be competition.

It’s 8 hours because the Gnomes have barricaded themselves in the server room.


There is plenty of competition, the world isn’t that empty in the newer content which is how it should be. If you are having issue on your own server dealing with over crowdedness that’s fine, don’t go mucking up mine.

Not to mention, it isn’t like I don’t see people hopping around on that server hunting stuff down from other servers. So, you see it really isn’t that bad off after all.

Thanks for posting that, happy Tuesday.

Could be something else. New catch-up mechanics. Figured they wouldn’t talk about them first, knowing how the forum usually finds flaws in EVERYTHING.

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Maybe they’re doing the background work for servers and implementing a patch for Classic.

We have not, we simply wanted Gnome Paladins added but they instead wanted to give us Easy Bake Ovens. It was not an acceptable substitute.


I sooooooooooooooooooooooo want to see this! I can imagine a Gnome yelling for the light and whacking on some bosses ankle and the boss going stop it! stop it! KNOCK it off!

Reminds me of droopy fighting the dragon or the bull.


I think that’s a good deal. Gnomes can’t use human sized ovens.

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Because you did something to anger Zeus and now here we are. Thanks a lot.

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they use amazon web services now, they can merge servers and move them between infrastructure instances just by clicking and dragging on their control interface.

with AWS they could even just eliminate downtime almost completely if they so chose, but that would cost extra money so they won’t.

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Wait, he angered my pet Devilsaur?

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Could be anything, in the mean time go play some Paper Mario

That would shut down only Classic Servers

Looks like the real reason was they released 8.3.7, it just patched to retail

Blizzard is having a pool and seeing how many post there will be in regards to 8hr maintenance and the winner with out going over gets a week off with pay

… Wait a tic…

7… 21… 8…

15… 29…

14… 7…