Who's not coming back?


Like overwatch, there won’t be a purpose after launch. Both are time killers, to make time go by faster for Classic.

(Vhok) #3

i might use the realm forums from time to time but i’ll prolly stick to discord after i get a guild and friends…and a life…


I probably won’t abandon them entirely, especially if we get Classic realm and class forums (hint hint Blizzard), but I won’t have much time for them either

(Destrian) #5

I may check out the forums, especially if they put up server specific ones for classic.


Yeah, and class-specific ones.


I’ll be too busy in game to visit the forums! :sweat_smile:


I expect to be checking once a week or so for phase launch dates. I doubt i’ll do much more then pop in, look for a blue post and leave.


Might pop in to read the class balance QQ threads…

(Septicflesh) #10

I’ll be pretty busy until lvl 60 but i’ll still take a look in here every day to check out all the qqing and whatever else is going on lol. Will be fantastic when we get realm and class forums though!

(Nikaas) #11

Post launch classic forums will be flooded with buff/nerf class X.
But that will be post month 1.

First month will be filled with layering bugs and exploits complaining.

(Fellína) #12

While leveling clearly not. However, i wouldnt say never again since im sure the servers will be down at some point.

(Realsteel) #13

Not just forums, I am abandoning REAL LIFE after launch. :smiley:

(Septicflesh) #14

Exactly this. And its going to be hilarious. Every second post will be “i know we said no changes, but…”


Who else thought this was a thread about not coming back to retail? lol

(Ristra) #16

The forums have no value to me after launch. Post launch I will check the blue tracker from time to time but that’s it.

(Sharmarli) #17

Since I browse/post during downtimes at work, I’ll be here.


I will post at work and during lunch breaks. Can’t play then and I can access this site on my phone.


Depends. If we get Realm Forums, that’s probably the only place I’ll be.

(Albatrost) #20

Other than checking them out when there’s something big going on (outage, ingame event, widespread bug) I don’t intend to come back. Blizz really going hard catering to report-happy carebears who will mass flag your account for the pettiest reasons.


X Doubt