Who would win?

So recently I’ve been fascinated by Pandaria again , and wish I played more in patch 5.2 The Thunder King. I’ve watched a lot of different lore videos in regards to him and the books involving him .

So I’m curious who would win , Lei Shen or Queen Azshara? Cause it seems like if it wasn’t for the Forge of Origination weapon, nothing could stand up to his might. So yeh who would win ?

A difficult question but to be honest the victor of this contest would be no other than Nomi.
What is a thunder king or a elf sea witch against a Panda elemental cook master?


The world would suffer.

Yes, I necro-ed a thread, but it’s a good thread imo

Good match-up and a tough question. Depends, does Lei-Shen get a chance to get in melee range? Otherwise, I’d give it to Azshara, because she was powerful enough to destroy a Titan artifact (shattering the Tidestone). Lei-shen beat Ra-den, but iirc that was a surprise attack and using Ra-den’s own power against him.