Who still has Legion gold?

Hell, I still have my WoD gold. I don’t really have anything to spend gold on but I have a lot of it.

How much Vanilla gold would you even have, assuming you were the wealthiest person on your server you’d have earned only a few thousand.


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Maybe he bought an investment quality swArd or something in vanilla and still has it in his bank vault.

Hmm, do I have salable stuff in my collection from vanilla? Bah, too much stuff to look thru.

i’m in the same boat as Yith most of my gold pile started with MoP and just grew from WoD and Legion

I mean inflation is pretty normal in a game, especially one that is going on 14+ years now. The degree of which of course can be critiqued but its pretty normal as an overall concept that this happens. Also you get like 2k gold from a gold emissary. 500 is pretty cheap, that’s just the price of a flask.


Perhaps. He might have one of the unobtainable transmog items - or even multiple - and could be counting those assets as gold. But the actual gold itself that he earned in Vanilla would be pocket change considering modern inflation, item value not withstanding.

He invested it into an Azeroth IRA and it earned about 12% annually over 14 years.


I like you, you’re inventive.
We’re also twins. Hello, sister. I like your face.

MG Goldshire Inn tonight at 9?

I don’t associate myself with that place. I go to the Mage Quarter and RP walk in front of other people whilst growing purple crystals and sputtering nonsense.
Just another day in the life of a void elf.

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I know, was trying to figure out how he can tell what part of his gold was vanilla earned gold. There’s no mint date on our coins or even physical coins. It’s all melded together over 14 years.

I just remembered some forum post from a guy who logged onto an oooold alt and found a vanilla recipe that’s no longer obtainable. Probably worth millions!
Okay, thousands.

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If it’s the chimaerok chops it would be millions! I wish they’d reintroduce some of these things as extra anniversary items, because who could have the foresight of transmog being introduced in the same expansion that wiped so many of these things from the world? :frowning:

Yeah, that recipe. I kinda remember doing the questline for that…til I got distracted by other shinies. Hard to remember that long ago.

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Well that escalated quickly.

I spent 4mil on wow tokens when they were 190k per, during BFA prepatch.
See the look on my face when they dropped to 100k afterwards.

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I can’t seem to make money this expansion. :confused:

I’m just keeping mine for game time. I’m not playing as much as I used too. :rainbow:

I have more money now than I did at the end of legion, even after giving my son almost three million for his Dino-Mount. The start of BFA was very lucrative, it has slowed considerably however.

I still have legion gold, that’s the expansion I finally become a millionaire, took advantage of buying and selling those WoW tokens when they were 200k+ each.

Don’t hate, I just wanted to see a million gold on my account for once in my life.