Who still has Legion gold?

Im trying to not spend much this expansion myself.


Raiding has been brutal on my wallet especially since blizz increased the price of almost everything raiders do but getting rares and some 310s I’ve been able to maintain 300k


I don’t raid or anything so i’ve had a decently easy time not spending much, i have most of my legion gold

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Nope. Had to spend it all on WoW tokens so I could stay subbed…


all I do is raid but flask is free with the guild, dont pay for repairs. Stacking up on dat GOLD all day everday. lol

hell yeah I am still rolling deep…

I still have Warlords gold but BfA is slowly whittling it down. Especially all the alts deaths for The Originals. Like a repair bill gold sink!


I’ve lost a great deal of my Legion gold. Blizzcon, WC3:R WoD/Legion CE items, a green proto-drake from the BMAH…
Yeah, I’ve spent a lot of it.

I still have MoP gold. Gold carries for things like H ToT, CMs, and H SoO were very profitable for my guild and friends that I played with at the time to the point were I still have tons of gold from that left over.


I regret not buying a CM carry from you in Mists/WoD. Or getting my legendary cloak. It was too soon for me to understand the value of “unobtainable collectibles.” :frowning:

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i have been spending money ob upgrading heirloom gear mail and leather to 3/3.its not cheap for a casual player.

i already leveled this mag’har bm hunter to 120 and got the heritage armor.since im exalted with zandalari empire next is a zandalari troll monk for his heritage armor hence the leather armor upgrades.

Sooo, looking at my TSM graphs…

Its been a rough BFA so far (also, I miss my pre-tsm4 data. Bummed it was wiped)


All I got from this is “Ythisens has gold. Send him tells!”


proof we should revert to mop.



I own loads of gold got 10k per toon so about 50k gold in total I know I am so rich!!!

Reality I wish I had more gold.


Does he now? * rubs chin *

I’m just imagining a pile of gold coins with a big panda’s face on the front and a beer mug on the back. :moneybag:

But I not only have the gold from Legion that I started BfA with, but I’ve significantly added to the pile during the first few months of BfA. It’s not like spinning straw into gold (aka mission tables), so it does take a bit more work now, not to mention more research to find items that are worth making and selling, but so far so good.

In fact, I am hoping for another 50% off mount and pet sale this Winter Veil so that I can pick up a couple more from the store that weren’t on sale last year.

/moo :cow:

Pretty much. I bought a couple of the new IE transmog weapons off the AH, but that’s it.

I did lose a bit of my gold from legion but not the majority of it.

A fool and their gold is soon parted.

That fool is me. :disappointed: :clown_face: