Who remembers BotB and M2M? VeCo

Classic reunion party?

Horde side, Grobbulus. Get in where you fit in.

Are you myzari?

When you say BOTB do you mean Brotherhood of the Blade?

No lol. Waaaaay before them probably. Bottom of the Barrel. The PvP guild that changed the face of VeCo forever

Ya… who else would it be? Who are you?

Just a guy trying to relive his youth :kissing_heart:

Hmmmm what’s going on in here?


I wish He Who Must Not Be Named would return. :frowning:

I for one look forward to the day King Impy makes his return to grace us with his presence. Or are we talking Luis?

Impy converted to Taurenism a few months back and is currently living in a cave in Mulgore…

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This got me right in the feels… I could see him doing that as long as he still had his stash of gold.

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