Who is saying that shadow is too busy?

I’d like you to point out to the crowd who is saying that the spec is too busy.

Making Surge every 3rd cast is absurd to say the least. You’ve already given the option for people to slow down the spec with distorted reality. (Which is already almost always better) this alone slows down the build a ton.

PLEASE enlighten me who is struggling with the tempo of the spec.

/end rant

I’ve got many more issues but given this change and their reason for it I’m tilted.


Only a fool would nerf a filler spell because a spec is too “busy”. You don’t cast your fillers when you have higher-priority spells to cast. All this does is make the spec more mundane outside of CD’s.


I haven’t heard a single person with this complaint since the 10.1 rework. I’d really like to know where they got it from.

Do they think people really want to spam unbuffed mind spikes or mind flays all the time? I have no idea who would find that fun.


If they have designers like the ones who played that d4 dungeon demo a few weeks ago I could totally see them saying the rotation is “too busy” lmfao :rofl: :clown_face:


Literally the only complaint I’ve seen or heard about MF:I / MS:I is the fact that people don’t like one spell vs the other.

But to just throw it out there as they did. I want a source of this community feedback.


I’m a bit confused on this change as well.

You hit Devouring Plague, Mind Spike, and then Mind Blast. It was an easy rotation to follow.


It also seems like it’s another outright DPS nerf after we just had our DoTs cut by 25%.

Really want to know what the 'eck is going on in there.

It’s a bit ‘busy’ when voidform and PI are both up and insanity is nearing cap, and even then I don’t see the issue with sitting on a surge proc for a global or two when there are better things to cast. I don’t use DA so I have no idea how it feels with PI going but even if it’s worse I don’t think it’s right to gut this part of the spec just because it gets a bit hectic during CDs (one of which got nerfed as well). I’m not playing shadow without mindflay, and now cancelling a cast of MF:I is going to be an actual problem. This change is the most disappointing one for me lately.

All I can think of as “busy” is ignoring procs of MF:I/MS:I during certain phases. I could see wanting to lower the proc rate and buff up the damage to avoid this, but anything else I cannot fathom.

Issue I have with this is the buff doesn’t change our priority at all. It just buffs our filler to feel less awful. If they wanted to nerf it that’s fine (its not our damage isn’t that amazing), but the reason given is just insulting.

Oh I don’t like the change at all. I hate it. I’m trying to figure out the reasoning but even in this case it still doesn’t make sense or feel good. I don’t look forward to next patch.

this changes just kills my vibe to play spriest. The rotation is going to be lame af now as well as our dmg getting nerfed due to less uptime with DP bc we aren’t getting as much insanity with MSI/MFI… Blizz just continues to amaze me with how much they can mess up a single spec year after year.


I could see how with the new tier bonus, adding two abilities to the rotation while playing Voidform, there could be quite a bit extra in the rotation BUT that is a newly created problem by the Dev, not a current or past issue. There’s just one thing wrong with that… considering the repeated nerfs that already made Voidform builds less desirable and Dark Ascension/Mindbender/Deathspeaker the more preferable builds, the whole “rotation is too busy” would have never been an issue except for people who decide to play a sub-par build. Seems like to me the Dev created an issue in order to solve a problem that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.


More like solved for a pretend problem.


Yeah, that would be more accurate.


I was one of the ones saying it’s too busy. It seriously is/was before they made the fillers replace each other, plus there was so many procs happening all the time my buttons never stopped lighting up. Everything from instant MBs going off to MS:I or MF:I, and then to add into it other spells and abilities, CDs like Shadow Crash needing to be aimed and hit. Again, for a newer player who isn’t used to that style, it’s 100% unnecessary to have that many things popping off at once.

I will say I do agree with this, it should be every 2nd cast. Not every cast and not every 3rd, but every 2nd should be fine.

You weren’t and aren’t understanding, the spec’s flow and the amount of procs it had was what the problem was when they all hit at once and they were very active a lot.

The spec hasn’t been like that since the first raid. All of that was fixed in 10.1

The question was “who is saying shadow is too busy” I answered the question and that’s when I told them that it was too busy.

Shadow was historically harder to play than a number of other specs. That’s why I picked it up. Now it’s really dumbed down not intuitive and lacks a lot in The Fun Department. It plays like an old turd now….thanks……I guess

No DoT spec should be complicated, ever, in this game. “Throw DoTs, use filler” should be the main concept behind every single DoT spec. Shadow is included in said DoT spec because it is a DoT spec. The complexity for DoT specs should be in maintaining said DoTs against multiple targets, that should be it.

Other things like Utility should be fine being thrown in. An example for Spriest utility would be throwing in a Mass Dispel here and there, but outside of utility options/windows, there should not be complexity in these types of specs. They’re very niche for a reason. It’d be like trying to make an accountant extremely exciting of a job to the mass majority of players. They will not find this job to be exciting in the least. It’s a niche job, for a niche type of person and it’s exciting only to those people who love that very extreme niche. Same could and should be said for DoT specs, they’re an extreme niche that only a very minority of players should love and the love should be “I love throwing DoTs on things and keeping track of timers.”