Who is ready for a fresh server!

The problem is: those are the things YOU want. They aren’t the things that OTHER players want.

There may be enough people to justify a new server. But they each want different things. There aren’t enough people THAT WANT IDENTICAL THINGS to justify a new server.

It’s the same problem now with TBC. It was the same problem with Classic. Different people wanted different things, but Blizzard can’t produce 100 different customized games. They make 1 game, and most of us don’t get exactly what we want.

Curious George and I wanna know:

How does it hurt others when a new server opens?

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What a joke! Blizzard owes you nothing! Did they ever promise you perfection?

They are like every other company in the world: if you don’t like their product, don’t use it. They don’t “owe” a perfect product to anyone.

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Cry more Hiawanda

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Nobody is asking for 100 different games. There are many ways to find out popular concepts to employ that satisfies a broad expression of the player base

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Players did that. Blizzard did not. Blizzard didn’t contact ANY player and request that they move to a crowded server. Stop blaming Blizzard.

You will never convince Blizzard that they “owe you” something because they didn’t design things they way you would. You won’t even convince them that your design would have worked bettter.

There are already servers out there that offer fresh servers, Im sure you know where you can find them. Bring the whole dozen of ya over

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So just blindly obediently submit to our gaming overlords “you think you do… but you don’t” … yes yes I guess I “don’t”. They told me so, so I guess that means it’s true.

Come on Hiawanda you are not being serious I hope :crazy_face:

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blizz stated on their last post that those wont happen

there are more than enough servers for the entire pop and beyond

stop this Pserver meme nonsense and go min max molten core or something

They stated in their last post that they do not think launching a Fresh Server would alleviate their overpopulation concerns.

Yes then we get a water down retail. One size fits all but no one really loves. What i ask for is vanilla. If they want to recreate vanilla fresh servers were there. I think alot of people will be in for it after a few weeks of zg and months waiting for aq. They will do custom servers at some point. After Naxx, tbc, or wrath. There is clearly lots who will play classic for a long time so it will have to be reset at some point. Just asking for it sooner then later.

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Dear god no

:frowning: but thats boring, and rr is dumb

A fresh server gives us a new community. Perhaps we will be the meme server in every way. First to take down Naxx will be a raid of melee hunters, ret pallys, and arcane mages.

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Which doesnt rule out being cool, naming it Kaivax and doubling experience for us (thats right, just for the new server)

In the words of Jose Lima: " believe it"

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^ that!! Exactly

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5:52 PM 4/25/2020
NO. There’s plenty of room on the realms we have. There’s NO reason to divide the population across more realms we don’t need. This division of the playerbase not only makes it harder to do groups/raids, and cuts off the lifeline for old realms. New players go to new realms, not old realms, so those are cut off and left to starve. Guilds are directly ruined as a result of releasing new realms we don’t need. Many realms such as my own are already suffering from lack of players. On horde side for Windseeker; recruitment is already dry. Guilds are cannibalizing each other to stay alive. We need more horde players, and gained very few from the free transfers.

This post is being unnecessarily censored by Blizzard until April 28.

No there is not. 9 realms have layering and zero fun to lvl alts on. I think i get the people that dont like the idea. My realm already sucks so fresh realms will make it suck more.

Only real reason for a fresh server is because you care about the economy. If you don’t care about the economy. Just convince 40-50 people to reroll on any realm. You can start raiding MC in blues/greens, and not allow buying anything on the AH.

There you go, you got a fresh server experience.

Fresh servers don’t make sense. Most of the people who came back to classic don’t care about rerolling 5000 times.

unlike pserver blizz does not need to reset every year to remain relevant

Play on a un-layered realm then.

The only thing I can see about a FRESH server being exciting for some players is to make an alt, level with other players (more options for dungeon farming), and then transfer the character off.

I’d be comfortable if they made “temporary” servers that would get reset every so often to allow people to level alts on, without having to constantly go through the boosting on their server.