Who in their right mind would do the 5 timewalking dungeons for a 445 piece of gear?

Its essentially sitting through almost 2 hours of dungeons just to get one potentially useful piece of gear. Why would I do this?

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Its good for lvling alts

Why would a 120 want to do this crap?

Not all content is designed around 120 and my fresh capped mage did them and go multiple upgrades so as for why a 120 its good for a fresh

Why would any normal player who has any sort of decent gear (like my newest toon which i have literally 16 hours played at max level and has 450 ilvl) want to do this? Okay is good for leveling alts and gearing up other toons in the most time consuming way possible, but why would I literally want to do this crap on any halfdecent toon?

You wouldn’t and good news you dont have to the content is designed for a purpose that doesn’t fit your situation

Wow Blizzard sure knows how to make good rewarding weekly content then

For alts you are lvling yes they do. Not all weekly content must revolve around one facet of the game and thats the great part of wow it can vary per player per situation

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Its literally not rewarding for alts at all you could literally be doing anything else and get better gear faster (ie doing the actual raid)

A fresh capped alt doesn’t meet the ilvl requirements for lfr for starters and again its good for lvling alts. Like I said just because it doesn’t fit in a place for you for others it does.

oh but doing 5 dungeons that take like 2 hours and getting a 445 piece of gear will magically make you able to do lfr
lets be real doing 15 wq and getting benthic gear will get your to lfr way easier and faster

As it drops 425 gear and awards 445 yes it will. And where are you getting this 2 hour thing from? Did mine in half that its zerg and sperg

That is exactly what happens because the loot drops at 425ilvl AND you can but items at 410ilvl from the vendor for timewalking badges, so you can go from fresh 120 with heirlooms/bad gear to around 420-430ish ilvl depending on luck. Some people (like myself) don’t always have access to a guild who can carry then through the raid as a fresh 120 and PUGs are selective as hell

Thats not even true half to time. I did my 5 got 1 piece of 425. That any my 445, took 2 hours. Why. Would. I. Do. That. Over. literally. Any. Other. piece. Of. Content?

i just wouldnt. 20+ mins per dungeon, especially if you got lowbies tanking and healing.

You do know its scaled right so non capped or lowbie toons are no dif to capped? Hence why taking legendaries from previous expansions is a huge boost.

News flash:
You’re not obligated to run TW.
You don’t even need to participate if that content does not appeal to you.

oh thats why the lvl 90 tank cant handle more than 1 pack? why i joined a half finished dungeon that they said they wiped 15 times on till someone quit? That dungeon still took 20 more mins btw

His entire argument is I didn’t get an end game reward for doing non endgame content so its bad.


exactly why would i do this? why cant we have rewarding shiz IT TOOK 2 hours as i said. Why would I

Bad tank then. Did it on my tank who is still 93 and had 0 issues

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