Who else wants the Warcraft Rumble Minis?

I wanted to start this thread to say I want the Warcraft Rumble Minis, for my friends and I, D&D Nights. I hope to own a Tiny Grommash Hellscream or Rend Blackhand!


Not the type to collect things but I also liked the idea of them selling a line of rumble minis and eventually bringing back the tcg lol

Might wanna look at HeroForge not sure how 1-1 you can make them but you can make custom miniatures through there system.

You can download and 3D print the Minis:

And more to come. I don’t have my own printer… yet… and haven’t ever painted figures before, but I want these and want to learn. :wink:


Practice on the Undead.
If it turns out ugly you can pass it off as intentional. :wink:

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Hey now! My Forsaken is a very pretty girl. I mean… a few dry skin patches… but she’s just fine!


Speaking of minis, I didn’t see an end date for the in-game event? Is there one?

Recently got the rumble fever and am afraid when the event ends.

If you mean the Rumble Machines, they are here to stay for the foreseeable future in Dragonflight.


Not me, I prefer to spend hundreds of dollars on my 10 cent to make Warhammer 40k minis instead.

I certainly don’t. The art style sucks. So far from Warcraft. No. No no

I wanted a tiny little Thrall but couldn’t find it on the DL’s so my FIL is as we speak printing me one on his printer.

I started a 3D print of Onyxia last night on my Creality Ender pro 5

the main body is a 24hr print, then I have to do each wing and the base.

This is so cool!