Who comes up with these class updates and tier bonuses?!

10.2 looks absolute trolling! Odyn’s Fury?!?! Who tf uses Odyn’s Fury?! Tuning these classes randomly and forcing us to play a certain way is not content! This yoyo game they playing is gettin out of control.

That’s what tier sets do these days. Force us to play certain talents “to change things up” because it makes for better gameplay, didnt ya know?

FYI, if you have feedback about the sets, it’s supposed to go here:

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The viability and popularity of talents shifts depending on tier sets. So, a lot of people will end up using this ability.

Tier sets could use the meta abilities, but that would make the game incredibly stale, so instead Blizzard tries to nudge people into using different builds.

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We’d rather you didn’t play demonology.
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Love when people use quotes out of context.

Demo has been redesigned a few times since then and this really doesnt apply.

Elite pvp sets for marks of honor <3

Wont ever happen.

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I know buddy<3 just messin with ya. Hope you’re doing well!
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