WHO balances this game?


So let me get this straight. You buffed paladins for some reason, you buffed resto druids and shamans by reducing the mana costs of their CDs, you buffed the 2 button spec bm hunter, but you nerfed priests? Again???

How is it that priests, the only class in the game with TWO healing specs, is so bad that neither healing spec is viable? Lol gg blizz.

(Paladina) #2

I didn’t notice the pally buff lol, my priest does fine as both disc and holy not sure what happened but I haven’t noticed a damned thing.

Are we talking PvP, M+ ? What’s up?


We’re talking everything, but especially PvP. Holy is useless 100% of the time and Disc alternates from being raid bosses to being complete jokes. Arena as a healing priest spec is just asking to lose.

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Before dh/monk were a thing it looked like this.

(Stéampunk) #5

What? do you even BM hunter?

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Who balances this game? Activision, not Blizzard.


Why make a complaint thread if you have no idea what you’re talking about?

Kill command, barbed shot, crows, cobra shot, multi shot, BW, AotW, your ‘special’ pet ability if needed, disengage, AoT, exhil- that’s just listing abilities I’d use every boss fight and not even getting into utility for pvp or dungeons.

By the way, barbed shot was the one that got buffed- but the ability was buffed from doing no damage to doing no damage. BM’s still almost at the bottom of the pack when it comes to DPS.

Also- priests not being viable? Not even close to true.

edit- forgot chimera shot


All these buffs to other classes, like the recent one to paladin? Reducing the mana cost of Freedom and Repentance by X%? Wow, game changing buffs OP.


Paladins were buffed?


Balance? Imagine living in a whole where everyone is the same. I’m ok with me tickling/healing DKs and druids.


What buff did resto druids get? I’m still going oom in like 1 minute with the Mana nerfs.

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You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

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Why do people exaggerate things like this?

First off, BM has 5 buttons.
Second, it was doing poorly in PVE.

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Well it has more than that as well…

Cobra Shot, Kill Command, Barbed Shot, Crows, Multi-Shot, Bestial Wrath, Aspect of the Wild, Aspect of the Cheetah, Misdirect, Ice Trap, Tar Trap, Disengage, Aspect of the Turtle, Spirit Mend, Exhilaration.

(For things used during a raid; you could also add in feign death for some fights)


The random spinning dartboard of buffs, nerfs, and broken fixes rules the game. Rumor has it Blizz even gave it a name: Lady Strife. Blizz gives ol’ Lady Strife a spin, throws a dart, and wahlah…! The newest interpretation of balance and fun goes live.



Internet. We gotta exaggerate and blow everything out of the water to convince ourselves and everyone around us we’re right.


It seems to work sometimes though.

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Yep. The bias is effing real in this game. Oh, nerf warlocks, dont forget that.

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Yeah blizzard hasn’t had a great track record since MoP.

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Then people wonder why they dont take balancing advice from us players.