[Whitemane] Working hard for AQ War Effort!

a few major guilds from whitemane alliance are contributing to the war efforts.

We are trying to speed up the process. The issue is that a few major horde guilds want to farm the bug mount, so they are not really contributing to the war efforts.

men somoene would need to pay me real money for me to actually farm so someone can run around with a insect mount.

Am helping opening the door free of charge. The goal is to open the door so all can raid and get loot. The guy on is bug mount dont exist to me.

For Whitemane!

Imagine caring about scarab lord.

we only care about TAQ lol

Peak cringe server. Going to have some sick mount-offs though - just cost you a couple weeks of pontential BiS-loot for the entirety of the game.

The real mount is Gladiator mount in TBC, scarab lord mount doesn’t even fly

A few degenerate cross faction colluding guilds have monopolized world bosses for the entire servers history… Those same guilds have now already also cost us a lockout on aq, delaying so some randoms can get a useless and ugly mount. Then those same alliance guilds have the audacity to make horde alts and mass tell spam horde asking to get carried to a gate opening while they farm bug parts.

Imo those guilds can pound sand and do the entirety of the turn ins themselves.

Those guilds’ officer are trying to kidnap the whole realm for their ugly bug mount.

thats why we are urging everyone to turn in supplies to give them a giant F in the face

I’d rather sell the mats on the AH and profit off people trying to either open the gate, or starve the resources meant to open the gate.

I like gold more than I like either side of this fence.

sell them pls

I don’t understand the rush. Not like this is gonna happen again any time soon. In 4 months we’ll be sick to death of aq. Why speed the event to a hasty end?

oh right, because the Old turtles community has never cared about the rest of whitemane in any way whatsoever.

The guilds you’re trying to screw over here already have their scepter holders ready to go. All speeding it ahead at this point, after we’ve already missed the first tuesday is achieving is screwing over the smaller guilds who may be closer to finishing but lacked the manpower/mega coalitions.

we dont care… we just dont want wait another 3 month just for them to have more mounts

U can Keep farming BWL and not touch TAQ once we open the gate.

nah, the scarab farming and war effort drama is half the fun. when the gates open, thats all gone. again, whats the rush?

So, we need to wait for ur mount??

i’m not even farming a mount, bro.