Whitemane still has layers after reset

There are still multiple layers on whitemane even after the restart as buffs are dropping on different layers. If you have experienced layering today after restart please make a post about it or comment on this one so they can see that the restart did not work on the non hc realms.

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yeah still showing layers, gonna go out on a limb and say, they just dont care

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If you have an addon showing you there are layers, that addon is wrong. Whitemane does not have layers right now and has not since the realms restarted at 7:00AM PDT this morning. Addons have no actual visibility into the number of layers, and they are often very, very wrong.

That being said, the Whitemane realm is very full and if it reaches a certain threshold of concurrency, or any one zone gets full enough, it will add another (single) layer. What we corrected this morning was the fact that we made a configuration error that forced several extra, unneeded layers on Whitemane. This has been corrected.

Before this error, Whitemane has not had more than 2 layers since 2020, and its only gone up to 2 layers on three occasions since then, with the first occasion lasting three days, the next instance lasting a single day, and the third occasion lasting two days.