Whitemane Server <The Opposition> Recruiting

The Opposition is a guild formed with 90% of its player base being from vanilla wow. All of us have been together as a gaming community since WoTLK. For a guild, that’s not bad! Some of us have even met each other in real life which has made our core base of officers pretty unique.

We’ve all re-rolled on Whitemane for the classic content while keeping a semi-casual feel. We’ve completed all content from MC-Ony-BWL-ZG so far with active progression in AQ40 at Twin Emps. We have established a loot prio, DKP, loot council system that makes sense and is fair for all.

We’re currently recruiting for good people that want to help others. We’re in it for the long haul. Our goal is to get back to TBC!

If you’re currently on another server, we’d definitely be interested in you joining “Whitemane” as a raider in our guild.

Currently, we’re recruiting the following classes for AQ40 progression:
Resto Druids
Resto Shamans/Holy Priests

Raid days are:
Friday 7pm-10pm
Saturday 7pm-10pm
Sunday - afternoon/night 3pm start or 7pm start (depending)

Please whisper anyone in guild for an invite. Tell them Heeksters forum post sent you!

Message me on Discord: Heekster#0350 or BattleTag: TheMrs#11580

Check us out on the web at Opposition Gamers .com

We’d love to have you!