Whitemane Population

I’ve been having the itch to roll a new character and plan on coming back to Horde on Whitemane after reading some posts, so I’ll be there!

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Since making this post so far I have been impressed with what I saw in just a couple of hours of playtime. I probably counted 10+ different players in the valley of trials on new characters. I love to see it. For everyone that stopped to comment, thank you.


Whitemane is really picking up. You should join our guild .

Yeah sure I’m always open to grouping up.

Coming back for some classic era!

Dang, I went Alliance in classic era because I wasn’t sure if there was enough horde players for leveling, looks like I picked the wrong server. I’ll still level my alliance toon (33 atm) to 60 and try some raids and if fresh ends up not coming out soon and we’re looking at later this year or something…I should have enough time to make a resto shaman on Whitemane next. I’ve always wanted to try a resto shaman!

I imagine we’ll see more people coming back to classic era from Wrath as people get bored of the recent phase or the game in general (“retail lite” feeling).

Still hoping for a fresh SoM classic soon! Still debating on horde or alliance for fresh once we get the news :slight_smile:

Lies, you should join dawn

Just to throw it out there, while the Mankrik cluster is alliance heavy the horde side is also picking up more players. Almost 100 players between levels 10-59 in during this past sunday afternoon. Doesn’t sound like much but considering I used to be one of only 20 active horde players on the cluster post TBC it almost feels like a real world again.

I know some clusters are still hurting but the two aforementioned clusters would seem to suggest Era is making a little bit of a comeback which a handful of us predicted would happen. Here’s to hoping it keeps trending that way for 2023. :wine_glass:

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I just moved my SOM night elf to whitemane. I miss the quality of life benefits but the players are great so far.

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I figured that players would eventually return to Classic Era servers once the Classic progression servers start to wane.

I am still doing WotLK but I have my Horde clones on Whitemane and I think I will ship my Alliance clones over to Whitemane as well and maybe start dabbling a bit on Era.

whitemane is a pvp server; you can only have one faction on it

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I am almost positive that they changed that rule for Classic Era servers.

Edit: Season of Mastery Transfers Update - Nov. 1

“ Additionally, we’ll soon be removing the restriction from Classic Era realms that prevents players from having both Horde and Alliance characters on the same PvP realm.”

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ah ok. well that doesn’t apply to character creation, i tested it last night. i guess transfers have an exception to the rule, which is weird.

I hope that wasn’t specific for SoM transfers. I guess I will see later today if it works.

Please keep us posted on how that works 0.o

Based on a convo I was following in our LFG channel a handful of players were returning to Era from Dragonflight (retail) as well.

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dracthyrs not welcome :expressionless:

Ill take active Era players wherever I can get them lol.

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I just transferred my Alliance characters to Whitemane where I already had Horde characters… no issues.

The transfers also put my characters beyond 10… again, no issues.

Doing some /who-ing… over 30 players between level 20 and 30 on each faction, with one group in Deadmines. Pretty cool!


Awesome =) might have to throw my SoM character there or play one of my lower level characters I haven’t touched in forever there