White and Grey transmog is officially coming in Patch 10.0.5!

In the first Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 development notes, Blizzard has announced that Common (white) and Poor (grey) quality equipment can now be used for transmogrification. These items will now become bind-on-equip!

My question is, will this be retroactive? Or will we have to manually loot a ton of those old items again?


If you already possess these items, they will become bind-on-equip, and you’ll just need to equip them to obtain the appearance.

Items that you do not have in your inventory when the patch goes live will have to be obtained and equipped for the system to register them.


Hey Kaivax, any chance certain items such as the Bloodsail Buc white items and the Ethereal Soul-Trader (and other similar items) will become a cosmetic items and usable by all armor types?


Will the grim veiled items used to make shadowlands legendaries be included in this? they’re white quality armor and im unsure if you guys would include these or not


Will the old Starter Gear appearances be made available again in this patch as well?


If not, just make a lvl1 unlock the transmog and then delete it.

I mean the old starter gear, which is no longer given to new characters. They all start with the new starter gear.


Oh, wasn’t aware of that.

The only question I have is the quest rewards that should be completed on your account. How much of those will be unlocked. For example, on my mage who has quite a few Classic quests completed that are no longer obtainable, how many of those will be registered and added.


Clarification on this, please?

If it’s in bank, guild bank, void storage, or mail-- they wont become Bind On Equip?


Probably none of them.

Example: The Vanilla-Wrath starting shirts. We can easily prove which of our characters should have obtained them based on achievements that were earned before Cataclysm.

Can we get some feedback/response/decisions on applying illusions to range weapons?

Is this something that’s in the works or should hunters give up hope entirely.


Same question

“If you possess the items” seems pretty clear.


Oh god please yes. I still rememebr the hell I went through to farm all of these and then they have sat in the bank on one of my priests for like ever.

(God I hope it wasn’t the priest I deleted. I’ll have to check XD)


What about quest rewards?

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I recall getting those appearances from the garrison back during WoD. Maybe from the treasure bags you open in the Salvage Yard?

Or is it starter gear older than that?

Lord waldens tophat is a white quality and armor typeless head peice pretty iconic to worgen characters. Will items like this be made cosmetic and wearable by all classes or will it be unmogable since it doesnt have a current armor type?


but you can undelete the toon.

Check Escape from Durneholde dungeon, i faintly recall you being able to buy some of those pieces there.