Whirling Surge on Traditional Flying Mounts [10.2 BUG]

Yooo… Blizzard, can you fix this before 10.2 goes live? The Airborne Tumbler Dragonriding talent that allows you to dismount players with whirling surge doesn’t work on players who are on traditional flying mounts.

Meanwhile though, Wingshredder works on traditional flying mounts. While we’re at it, can you make Whirling Surge put the player dismounted into combat? Thanks!


I second this.

If we are going to be introducing TBC flying a lot sooner beginning with TWW, then we should be able to dismount people using it with that DR talent.

See unlike normal flying, people can’t just use DR to AFK in the sky.


I agree, but I’m also imagining how terrible normal flying mounts would be going at like a third the max speed of dragon riding lol. Easy pickins

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why is this old flying even a thing? i swear this exists for botters and gold farmers to get around to nodes

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Bump, still bugged