Whirling Dragon Punch does not work

At all. I’d like to finish leveling with this talent. Any idea when it would be fixed if at all? Thanks.


After investigating this, we think there is some discrepancy between the cooldown shown on the action bar and the cooldown shown on the tooltip.

We believe that we’ve got this fixed in 8.1.5, and so far we haven’t been able to reproduce it in the 8.1.5 PTR.

We’ll keep an eye on it, and thank you for the heads-up.

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any update on when 8.1.5 is gonna be released?

How about hot fix it now? If you know what the issue is, then fix it ASAP. What an ignorant reply. What’s 8.1.5 2 months away most likely…

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Still not working. Dead button. Hot fix please. Seriously the other two talents in the tier are not worth playing at all - guess its back to dps’ing in MW. FFS

It’s been over two years, can we please fix this? It’s been getting worse and worse lately.