While we're at it, please make Songflower and DMT nondispellable

Despite the Chronoboon, dispel griefers can still dispel your DMT and songflower while you’re buffing. Making these buffs nondispellable like Rallying Cry, Rend, DMF, and Zandalar already are would prevent the dispel griefing. This would be less of a jarring change than the Chronoboon.

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you can make them undispellable by transferring to a pve server


I find that little frisson of fear to be what makes rolling on a PvP server worthwhile.


I’d rather be dispelled than ganked. But, PvP Servers don’t guarantee that I’ll 100% be dispelled over being ganked, so I prefer PvE Servers, where I’m in more control of what happens to me.

and here… we… go!

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Dispelling is griefing, not pvp. But if you think it’s great pvp content, why not ask for Rallying Cry, Zandalar, DMF, Rend, Zanzas, BL buffs to be dispellable?

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You know a good way to start a fight?

Dispel a raid tank’s buffs. :smiley:

(PS: All buffs should be able to be dispelled)

I’m pretty sure it’s a player using an offensive spell against an enemy player. That’s like the baseline definition of PvP.


I can defend myself from ganks. 40 people cannot defend me from a priest rezzing and pressing dispel.

Tell that to the low levels.

A dispeller isn’t killing you, though.

You have yet to explain how it is anything other than PvP, carried out by using a spell for its game-intended purpose.

You chose to roll on a PvP server. Now deal with the consequences or reroll pve like the smart people did.

fragile people.

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I can tell you invested a large amount of your time into leveling a priest for the sole purpose of griefing people

No, I play on a PvE server where it’s not an issue. Because I don’t want to deal with that kind of thing.

But it is definitely PvP. Fair play is fair play.

You think it’s good that dozens of people level priests on my server for the sole reason of dispelling people’s DMT and songflower to waste their time? That is not PvP; there is no counterplay to it.

Consumes and most world buffs are nondispellable, DMT and songflower are just the anomalies. Just make DMT and songflower the same as the other wbuffs, as flasks, as elixirs, as zanzas etc.

It is. It’s one player using his or her class’ spells against you in a way that harms you within the parameters of gameplay. It’s not a bug, it’s not an exploit, it’s not a scam…so how it is anything but PvP?

Just play on a PvE server if it’s that bad for you. I don’t see the point of complaining about game mechanics when the easy fix is lying right in front of you.

And for the record, world buffs aren’t required. You don’t actually need to have them.

Why are you so obsessed with telling other people to play the game the way you play? I get it, you play on a PvE server and you don’t need world buffs. Wow, fantastic, I don’t care. Would making these buffs nondispellable affect you in any way? No? Then why are you being like this?