Which was the best expac for warlock pvp?

I miss the Soul Burn function the CD that you could use a soul shard to empower an ability. Plus the power that we could channel and heal. So many good abilities removed for zero reason.

Legion was very fun, I really enjoyed the “draintanking” playstyle Aff had. DoTs could execute which was a lot of fun and did a lot of damage.

No one has mentioned Wrath destro lol rip, it was good in arena, took alot of work tho iirc. You could dish out insane damage and control!!!


BFA Destro was broken as hell also. Guessing its not so much effectiveness, but rather playstyle / Fun factor i suppose.

I remember Chaos Bolts genuinely 1-shotting people in MoP. I miss that old ugly green dragon-type head thing flying at you.

Affliction was insane in BG’s in Legion. It took several people to kill you. You’d just out heal them with drain souls life leech.

And then of course there’s the classic, SL/SL.

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I loved vanilla. Never spent much time in arenas, but we used to run 10 Lock WSG and never lost. Those were good times.

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Vanilla… .where you could fear dot everyoen to death… and even if you died, you can lay there with your corpse laughing as the opponent ran around with their life slowly slipping away

Wrath. Destro was squishy but actually did damage and had the utility to have counterplay and enough CDs to manageably SURVIVE. This is hands down the WORST pvp experience of an expansion.

i started playing lock in antorus - but my call from there would 100% be nyalotha destro, just because destro feels good with haste and well…you had 200% of it permanently.

affliction would probably be antorus pre or post nerf. i liked the 4p synergy and playing around drain cycles

Demo: i hate every version of this spec i have ever played and i hope to god it is trash tier in Sepulcher

I think it was legion pre-patch afflic warlocks we’re so broken man. I remember being top of the bg charts almost doubling the next highest person and having like 35 killing blows.

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I prefer Legion for Aff, MoP for Destro (even though I actually don’t play Destro) and MoP for Demo.

Aff: I think Affliction should always center around draining and just DoT damage, nothing more. Yes, it’s very boring but it’s a DoT spec. I don’t think it should be anything but boring because realistically speaking there isn’t an actual fun way of making it extremely fun for everyone playing it. What I mean by this is not this current version of S.Lands. I mean Legion’s version of everything being about your DoTs including giving them an execute powerup. Yes, it was broken but it was only broken due to the Artifact Weapon, literally nothing more. That way of playing in this expansion would have been amazing and actually extremely fun to many who choose DoT specs for them actually being just that, DoT specs.

Demo: I don’t think there was ever a better version of Demo besides the MoP version or I think it’s from MoP. The one where you got meta and could turn into that purple form and you also had the glyph for the other form apotheosis or something Idk but that reduced your damage you take while in it. You could jump between both forms as if you were stance dancing and you also had your abilities turn into something else when you turned into meta. I’d like to see Demo going back to that but because DHs are a thing I doubt we see that version of Demo ever return.

Destruction: MoP style 2 shard cost Chaos Bolts that hit harder than Goku’s Spirit Bomb after draining the entire planet of all life energy. MoP I remember it actually killing people if you got 2 off on the same person, and when geared players vs non geared it literally 1 shot them. That’s what I want to see come back.

I want Affliction to get SoulBurn and Soul Swap back so we can SoulBurn: Soul Swap combo to put all DoTs instantly on the target as a way to counter the healer’s 1 GCD dispel that continues to mess us up in PvP. That or a PvP talent that makes UA dispel truck 50% of the dispeller’s HP that is not able to be reduced nor blocked by even Paladin bubble.

I also want for Aff to stop being a kiter and just become the draintanking machine it was in Legion. Not as overpowered of course, but like, make Drain Soul baseline with a talent that makes Drain Soul heal you for 100% or some other portion of damage it deals so we can just have that.

I also want my execute DoTs back. It’s frustrating that my DoTs lost their ability to execute like they did back then. I’d honestly be fine for them removing 50% of the DoTs we have in exchange for them making the DoTs 50% more powerful, like how Spriests have 2, let Aff have just 3 rather than like 6 or so and make them do more damage and execute.

MOP because bane of havoc didn’t have a cd, you could spam it, also firestone was awesome

Legion was the best for me. Stack all the dots and just drain life in a warriors face. Nothing they could do.

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I just enjoyed not having to kite 24/7. The Drain tanking life in PvP was great, plus it felt good actually playing a tanky caster spec that was actually rather tanky and then the spec felt good to play, too.

I vote this one for Aff. For Destro it def was MoP cause Chaos Bolt hit harder than a mac truck and would be able to 1 shot players if you got it off.

For Demo it would be the expansions where they had their meta form where they turned into melee locks and destroyed melee.


MoP. UVLS trinket + snapshotting + soul swap. Brutal.