Which was the best expac for warlock pvp?

Speaking in terms of Affliction only, i dont like any other spec (i would just go mage). I was thinking maybe MOP or WOTLK…what do you guys think?

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Cataclysm was the best iteration of affliction.

Spreadable dots, dots that wrecked actual damage that caused players to dismount and fight or die from the pain you would eventually afflict on them. UA was fun to use, haunt was exciting to dish out. Plus we had soul harvest which was a fun heal regen that we could use out of combat. Fel hunter also did damage based on how many dots were on the target. Soulshards were also finally no longer a grind and actually fun to play around with as it modified our spells.

It was a great time.

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All specs… MoP


I have to say I still remember dearly SL/SL in TBC. Specially for Affliction.


I remember Chaos Wave before the patch that reduced it’s damage by 33%, build fury and Double Chaos Wave being able to destroy people.

I enjoyed late mop… after cwave nerf.

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Either pre nerf mop demo, or cata demo.

Mop because the spec was so hard to balance that you could just wipe entire groups, while being extremely hard to kill, even when tunneled.

Cata for the same reason tbh, except it’s burst window was far stronger

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For me it’s MoP for afflic. That’s when you could soul burn and swap to instantly apply your dots in one global to multiple targets without a CD. If I remember right, that function didn’t exist in cata and you could only swap once because of it.

And let’s not forget MG…oh sweet Jesus Malefic grasp had my loins VERY tingly


It. Was. Glorious. :partying_face:

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just depends on which spec. to me, legion was the best time i had playing affliction since the SL/SL days in bc. i loved the tankiness, the drain soul mechanics, and the spammable stacking dot to burn shards.

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I loved Legion, and MOP. SL/SL was good but boring as hell.


I am probably in the minority, but I loved the previous iteration of UA being spamable as a soul shard spender, rather than MR.

All things considered, id like to go back to my dots being the actual source of damage.

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Legion imo

Affliction was a self healing God

I remember faking people’s kicks, and then just face tanking them with drain soul until they died.

It was amazing. Plus the PvP talent that made each drain soul tick refresh dots. 5 UAs all being extended would just melt anyone

Add in prydaz necklace and you were basically a walking raid boss


This was basically how SL/SL was in BC

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MoP, oh the days of harvest life, now those were the days… Honestly anything before WoD.

Affliction was really fun when you really felt you could melt your opponents away. Back when having a full set of dots on a target actually meant something.


Warlock was good in MoP, but I still think that the SL/SL build in BC was the best


Vanilla was the best.

For Arena - TBC SL/SL.

I will say, right now the overall feel of Shadowlands Affliction is great in my opinion. It’s really not far off. I just question the viability as it’s a little too slow to set up for the meta.

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All that time setup to spam an interruptible spell with a cast time for 4500 damage with all your CDs up?

Malefic Rapture (correction) is a waste of soul shards. Spend them on the Haste buff instead, and use the downtime refreshing DoTs for Drain Life spam and CC.

Well, extended DoT duration would certainly help afflictions global issues. I can’t argue the importance of keeping DoTs up and spending shards on Rapid Contagion. That’s mandatory.

That being said, I assume you are referring to Malefic Rapture, in which case I strongly disagree. If you are positioning your opponent advantageously, it’s extremely punishing damage. And when rapid contagion is used, it goes on cooldown. You really need to be spending shards on MR. And with haste stack + buff + CDs, you should be generating enough at times to spam it. It may only be 5k damage, but it’s on repeat and it’s not like the DoTs aren’t ticking, too.

Again, damage is really not afflictions issue. And while we don’t have burst on the spot damage outside of the occasional full charge drain life, it really wouldn’t be fair if a true DoT class did.

I endorse this message :wink: