Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Failedwizard) #169

Only 3 of those cooldowns have a GCD and Rune of Power being one of them is also a casted ability.

Presence of Mind is used in the last 2 seconds of your Rune window. I appreciate anyone else who contributes to getting our failed spec returned to the working Legion-esque version but don’t exaggerate the truth in to lies.


Taking offensive CDs off the GCD would fix most of my complaints with this expansion. It feels so clunky and broken. My character feels like it wants to play a faster pace but I’m not able to play that way due to the GCD.


Arcane Power and Icy Veins. Both have been off GCD in past expansions; They need to be brought back into the fold. For those of us min-max’ers, it feels like poor design to be waiting for a short-lived buff to come off GCD before casting the nukes.

(Failedwizard) #172

I already mentioned Charged Up, but Arcane Power being on the global cooldown is counterproductive to how our burn phase works while in cooldowns, Rune of Power is on the GCD as well and always gets used first before you cast Arcane Power; both cooldowns last for 10 seconds so AP ends up eating away at the duration of both itself and the duration of Rune of Power.

Considering we often open our burn window with Arcane Barrage in to Charged Up in to Rune of Power in to Arcane Power and then hardcast an Arcane Blast means we spend up to 7.5 seconds before we actually see any numbers appear from our rotation (which is literally just Arcane Blast in our burn phase).

Combustion is off the global cooldown, and rightfully so, why should Arcane Power and Icy Veins be any different when they serve the same purpose as Fire’s main cooldown does in being the primary enablers of Arcane’s and Frost’s burst potential?

(Motrin) #173

I would say vampiric embrace but in its current state (heals ONE person, maybe me maybe not) it really should just be passive.


Death grip as it is the DK charge.

Unholy frenzy, and other CDs in the category of only providing a buff.


All of them, because reactionary game play is what made the game feel better. What we have now is a feeling of sluggishness.

(Sargaxiist) #176

This exactly.

You know how many times I’ve dropped something on the floor because i hit TV just as I got the buff? Gotta sit for almost 2 sec before I can steed charge. Can’t BoP someone if I’m doing dps, so i either have to predict the future or sit and do nothing in hopes of being able to save someone.

You want utility to be off the GCD yet every utility we have is burdened by it and can’t be used reactively

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Uhhhh do you have any reasoning? Bubble can be MD’d and it’s our biggest cooldown. ARe yOu HiGh? Also I meant sacrifice.

(Aesthetic) #178

LMAO I like how you say bubble should be on the GCD but death grip shouldn’t be. I know you wanna go mongo with a monk again but come on don’t go mongo in the forums

(Hushkawnek) #179

HM Tauren (unless I missed it) should probably still get Bull Rush off as it can be used as a movement ability or an interrupt, both of which fit the bill.

Druids need Frenzied Regen off the global in the same fashion that Ignore Pain was taken off.

And on another note, druid shifting just needs to come off the GCD. Let a form incur its own internal CD so you can’t shift bear-caster-bear. You have to remember that realistically no other class has the type of ability restriction that druids do, and globals are in such high demand that it only seems reasonable to be able to swap forms without incurring a GCD to jump right into a rotation. That, and falling lethal heights without being able to flap quickly enough :smiley:


Death grip. Having been playing a PVE only DK tank since the class was born, it has been no end of frustration trying to grab adds only to find my stupid DG to be unavailable because I’ve got to wait for the GCD to come back around. Having DG on GCD does not make for fun or even interesting play. It is purely frustration. Leave it on during PVP if needed, but for PVE, please please please, take it off GCD.


Disengage, for the same reasons as the ones you already said are coming off, but any minutes long damage buff really should too. My BM rotation would probably also feel a lot smoother if bestial wrath wasn’t on the gcd either.


To this day i don’t get why you put 1 or the 2 defensive’s a warrior has on the GCD, like i get punished for wanting to press rally cry, i basicaly have to wait 1 second after pressing a key or try not to press a key because i know there getting low and during this time i can’t use other defensive’s like dbts or peels like disarm, instead i wait 1 second, then press it and wait another second and then i can do something, effectively punishing me for wanting to get 15% more hp, it feels way too clunky and almost makes it not worth pressing, i feel like it’s a 2 second CC on myself which seems stupid to me, (i’m also well aware there is some other defensive’s on the GCD but shouldn’t be) please change this thanks.


Netherwalk should be off the GCD.

It’s already the worst immunity in the game. Not being able to pop it as an oh crap button is pretty annoying.

(Dullahan) #184

So no confirmation regarding death grip? Seems strange that the charges/harpoons would go off the GCD but not Death grip

(Tyfus) #185

At the Blizzcon Q&A you guys announced that Death Grip would be taken off the GCD as well, what happened to that?

(Socrates) #186

I’d like Holy Avenger and Avenging Wrath to be off the cooldown again, like they were in Legion. Aside from being far more useful as emergency buttons, the abilities are a lot less fun if they’re on the GCD. I loved healing as a Holy Paladin in Legion, because I could handle any situation. Extra packs, etc. were no problem.
In BfA I have to make the choice between saving someone’s life immediately with an emergency heal or using a GCD to pop wings/holy avenger. It’s not a fun choice and it simply makes the class less fun. It takes away that “wow” factor that makes computer games fun… we play computer games to do things that are out of the ordinary, to feel heroic, to fly in the face of danger, what have you.
Having emergency spells on the GCD is not fun. I don’t care if you nerf healing or other things to compensate for it, but i’d like the fun factor back into palying Holy Paladin.
Finally, Beacon of Virtue should be off the GCD for the same reason.


Shape shifting between druid forms
Swiftmend ( this one caused me much headache!)

(Spanko) #188

Feral lunge please. I am unsure why no one has talked about this at all. With 8.1 soon and the enhance changes being nothing of what we actually want, this would be a nice welcoming change. Thanks in advance.