Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Tsalera) #148

Death grip should definitely come back off the GCD. Not being able to react to someone about to exit your range because your GCD is clogged up with abilities you qued often a whole second ago (before the stimuli to deathgrip them even appeared on your screen) feels awful enough, but if the ability they used to exit our range was also off the GCD then it feels like cheese.


Would really appreciate Paladin Horse being taking of GCD, especially if dragon charge and charge is going to be off the global cooldown as well.

(Frostchi) #150

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(Byucknah) #151

Hey, a player on MMO-Champion mentioned the Shaman ability “Feral Lunge” is missing from the list of mobility abilities being taken off GCD, which is apparently a shaman charge like ability? Any word on that?

Also, what of Heroic Leap? Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure that one was mentioned by name at Blizzcon.


everything just said right here 100%.
Feral Lunge should probably be baseline for enhance, considering its company in that talent teir and our glass cannon status.

(Worldpvp) #153

I think as far as movement abilities go taking Transcendence off the GCD along with the other movement abilities other classes are getting would make sense

(Elynos) #154

horsie has always been on gcd even before the changes

(Necroxis) #156

Just admit you were wrong and reverse the entirety of the changes instead of tip toeing around quietly reversing it chunks at a time.


This is ridiculous. Melee are already way to mobile and overpowered. The list provided is basically all melee. Most melee in general need nerfs to mobility, not further buffs.

(Daityas) #158

Fel rush being removed from the gcd would be great, makes no sense that VR is being removed of the gcd when its a slower movement cd than fel rush but fel rush isnt, the reduced gcd on fel rush is useless cause you still gotta plan ahead when you wanna fel rush and that shouldn’t be the case.


Vampiric Embrace. ATM it’s a huge insanity loss wasting a gcd to use it, and since it’s so weak (in a group) I almost never use it in raid, for dungeons it’s better but still pretty weak unless you pop it before a Void Eruption or Dark Ascension. Plus it’s a defensive healing ability, not a damage cooldown.

It should 100% be off the GCD, or at least reworked to scale with groupsize to make it worth using.


Legion’s combat was so fluid, and it feels like it was ruined in some effort to try to make BfA a soft reboot of the game without actually fully committing to doing that with a level squish and etc…so next time
“If It’s not broke, don’t fix it”

Please reverse all GCD changes, and not just some of them in chunks at a time.

(Astraéus) #161

Arcane Power. It’s only 10 seconds long, and more than 1 of those is taken up by the GCD.

Icy Veins. It’s already super weak in terms of cooldowns, and the GCD doesn’t help.

(Mekgrim) #162

Demoralizing Cry for prot warriors. This ability is essentially part of our rotation now, regardless of the “pull” size of a pack. Just feels bad using a gcd for a damage debuff, especially when some dps decide to pull ahead of you and you’re forced to grab the new additions to your pull. Waiting to use an ability to help with survivability feels terribad. Fine for the “oh $h!” abilities, just not ones that are basically rotational and shouldn’t be.

(Triten) #163

Unholy frenzy for unholy dk

(Ssnfivedkbtw) #164

Death grip off GCD please

(Ssnfivedkbtw) #165

heroic leap isnt on GCD never was


Every movement and defensive that was removed. The playerbase has been consistent on why this was a bad idea in Beta, and it has only been the trainwreck on Live since we tried to prevent via feedback

(Ssnfivedkbtw) #167

bubble doesnt need to be taken off gcd are you high? bop IS on gcd…

(Primalmatter) #168

All of them please it feels awful and sluggish when playing.